Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunny Update...

Sylvia is just one of my wonderful owners... I was in Long Beach California this past weekend with my 11 month old Norwich Terrier Zoe attending the Great Western Terrier Association dog show (more news to come) and was able to meet up with Sylvia and her husband. As you can see they brought there 9 year old Norwich Sunny whom they had aquired from me as a puppy along with them. You may notice right off the bat he is a little spoiled as are all my puppies by so many wonderful owners... Sylvia has decided for her upcoming birthday that she wants another Norwich Terrier to keep Sunny company so I will be placing one of the three puppies I have with her in August. CONGRATULATIONS !

Just a note... I do show other breeds as well.

Here I am with a good friends Silky Terrier Zoe. She is a wonderful puppy I have been showing placing her second 5 point major on her and a single point or two.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rachel puppies individual pictures

Top to bottom Bradley, Bart and Barkley...

Rachel's puppies at 5 weeks "Group Photo".

From left to right... Barkley (Charles),

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rachel's puppies taking it easy...

From left to right we see the middle size boy on his back, big boy and small boy on the far right. They are taking a break from there heavy feeding schedule as Rachel is outside enjoying the sunshine.
The puppies are 4 weeks old as of yesterday.
More pictures to come....

Sara wins BIG!

White Diamonds Sweet Sara wins HUGE in CdA Idaho..
Sara was Best of Breed last week at an AKC conformation event over 2 champion Westies one of which won the Terrier group the day before. Sara is just a few points short of her AKC conformation championship now and we are heading to another show this weekend..
Sara is a real ham around the house. She is all Westie 24/7 when it comes to things like coming to me when I call her.. NOT! she loves to play fetch when it suits her and has a great "chatter" and smile when excited just like her littermates from what I am told. As you can see from this picture she is all business.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rachel's puppies at 3 weeks of age...

Here are the boys... Top to bottom small, medium and big boy. From left to right is big boy, small boy and medium size boy. They all have great personalities! I have found one or all of them outside there whelping box a few days in a row now so its time to go into the puppy pen and learn to eat some regular food using Mom as a supplement. They already seems to be aware of the sound food makes going into Rachel's

Sunny in his California style~!

Sunny appears to be very comfortable in his lifestyle, wouldn't you say?

Hi Chris,

This is Sunny taking it easy in the backyard. Thought you'd enjoy some updated photos. I look at your web page from time to time. So sorry to hear about Peanut. I still miss Ginger and think of her all the time. Sunny just turned 9. I can't believe it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guess its till pretty soggy up North... This is my girl Sara's littermate Milo out of Haley.


Thought you'd find these cute.
we just returned home after being out for a couple hours.
we left the two dogs in the outdoor kennel.
this is what milo looked like when we returned home.
he loves to dig but this is ridiculous!!