Monday, August 29, 2011

Dash takes Best of Breed and Group 4 placement during Western Washington Terrier Association weekend!

Another win for Team Dashie! Thanks so much Chris for making our boy shine! Karen, you are a terrific friend to help with both Dash and Lil. I think that it does take a team to produce a winning dog. Just so proud of us today, and we'll get a write-up and hopefully a picture in the Norwich Terrier News.

Chris, it was so nice to meet your extended family of owners--they are all nice people, and they obviously love their dogs and you, too! Nice to have a cheering squad to celebrate your success.

Shown here with Dash and I are his owner and President the of "Team Dashie" Elaine Jong. This win was especially sweet as Sunday was sponcored by the Norwich Terrier Club of America.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Emily escapes...

Emily was due for her nail trimming today and when I came home I found her outside of her whelping box nuzzled up on the carpet that had been exposed through her mother Sara's efforts to make it happen.

I decided it was time to bring her out and let her play in the living room, WOW what a mover. This easily explains finding her outside of her warm comfy whelping box, she crawled right out.