Thursday, October 23, 2008

Molly's puppies are 5 weeks old now.

Talk about some difficult pictures to get!!! These little guys are 5 weeks old and running wild practically. There personalities are starting to develope and they are definatly into the soaked food now. Molly still comes in once a day for a suppliment but it's pretty much out of her hands now.
What do you think, pretty cute huh? The two girls are on the left and the boy is on the right.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jade and Bart take to the yard!

It's all I can do to keep up with everyone around here and getting new pictures for all you viewers. The kids are doing very well though we have still not found a home for Bart as of yet... Jade is the darker of the two puppies and Bart is the lighter grizzle.
They have settled into there routine and established there relationships with the other dogs. We are all one big happy family. I would like to thank the guy upstairs for this continued wonderful weather we are experiencing here. According to the paper we receive 300 days of sunshine a year but don't tell anyone or everyone will want to move here.

Coco Update from the "Great White North!"

This is what Rebecca had to say about Coco...
Coco is doing great. She's definitely settled into the routine of our family and we love having her in our home. Now that she's had her latest vaccinations, she's enjoying going for walks and getting to know the neighbourhood. She gets very excited meeting new people and dogs, and has all kinds of funny noises to express herself. She's becoming pretty good at going to the back door to let us know when she needs to go out. Riley has learned to tolerate her, and sometimes she can even convince him to have a play time in the living room or around the yard. This is quite funny to watch, as it usually involves Riley barking and nudging and pawing at her, and Coco doing flips around the floor in front of him over and over.
Looks like Riley isn't such an independent Westie after all.... :- )

Friday, October 17, 2008

Molly's puppies go into there new home...

At the top is a picture of Molly's little boy, isn't he pretty cute! I tell you what getting him to pose was no easy task as he was eyeballing his Mother for dinner!
Down below you will see I was able to sneak up on the kids just waking up from a nap. It was time for dinner and as I have them eating soaked food they are not quite as wild about the dinner bell but they still get plenty of Molly time. It's just amazing how fast they grow up...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey... Look what I found!!!

Oh my... Look what I found when I came home from work. All the puppies out of the whelping box. I thought it was a coincidence when I found the little boy out of the box but it was not an accident with him riding out attached to Mom. After I re situated everyone back into the box I came back minutes later and the boy was back out!! Looks like we have some early adventurers. Everyone will be into the puppy pen in the next day or so when they build up there leg strength. I have also discovered teeth erupting while crawling around on the floor last night with the puppies so we will be starting on softened food as well. I know this will be a relieve for Molly as she has been wanting to rome the yard a little long at a time over the last few days.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ella, Bella and her Fella!

We were happy to host visitors today! Ella Selfridge-Neumann her husband and well behaved Westie Bella came for a first visit to see Molly's puppy boy. Ella has trained Bella as a therapy dog and are looking for another Westie to add to there family while she is young enough to easily adapt to having a new little brother in the house.
Bella gladly went into the back yard to socialize with our other dogs and had a blast running the yard and getting our Westies to play and chase her.
The Neumann's are looking to train another therapy dog and who better this one of Molly's puppies. We had a wonderful visit while Ella explained a number of things I knew very little of about Addison's disease which Bella was diagnosed with early in life. Bella is just over two years old and full of herself like every self respecting Westie should be with a great personality! The stories Ella tells about her intelligence level are incredible. Who would ever of thought a Westie could reach the level of learning this 2 year old has.
The Newmann family will be back for a few more visits to socialize Bella and Molly's puppy boy to make the transition into there new home as simple and easy as possible.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Cant help myself... I love puppies at this age. Starting to get curious but too young to get out of the box yet.
The two girls are upfront and the boy is in the back.
I had nothing to do with them coming to the front of the box. All I did was call them...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More of Molly's puppies 3 weeks old

I needed to stay home today due to a nasty cold I picked up at work the other day.. Today was the worst so I jumped back into bed after I got everyone out and shortly after that back in sleeping till 11:30am. Feeling a little better I still think an afternoon nap will be in order.

The puppies are doing really well as you can see here, relaxed and confident. I like to see them sleeping apart at a young age because I believe it shows Independence. The boy is on the far right and the two girls are side by side. The little boy can get up and slowly walk around inside the box but the girls are still a bit too chubby to do the same. Every ones eyes are open and they can hear noises now as well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Molly's puppies eyes are open!

Hey check it out! The puppies eyes are open now. I have received a few requests for new Westie puppy update pictures so I thought I would get one for everybody.
Now that they can see they are alot more mobile inside there whelping box. I actually found one outside the box tonight when I went in to let Molly outside but I believe she was a "holder on" when Molly exited the box earlier in the evening.
Still fat and happy. The boy appears to be the smallest in the litter as of right now the two girls appear to be average size for there age.
Take care and enjoy your Sunday!


I could not help myself.. I had to add a picture and comment about my favorite dog. I know I should not have a favorite but if you had met Peanut you would know why.

I have had a number of visitors over the years and at least half of them have asked if Peanut was available. She is a fantastic lively 12 year old I acquired from Dee Hanna many years ago. She is an AKC Champion and has whelped two litters in her wonderful life. Now she is my retired house dog. Re house training her has been a challenge at times. It seems she expects mental telepathy of her need to go outside... LOL Peanut still has plenty of piss and vinegar left when it come to who gets attention outside when we are all together barking with the best of them. She is not too shy to wart off the puppies in the house for her "one on one time" with me as well. As you can see here Peanut is a little spoiled with her "daybed" out in the living room as well as her night bed in my room. Speaking of night... Peanut really is spoiled alot! I carry her into my room nightly and pick her up in the morning to be let outside. She snores a little but it's pretty tolerable unless she decides sleeping on top of the socks I may forget to put away before I jump into bet. Peanut has no fear, she will wart off any puppy when it comes to dinner time defending her bowl to the end!

I cant brag enough about Peanut, she is the best dog I have ever had... and trust me I have had a few.

Bart and Jade!

Hello everyone. I felt it was time to put out the word that I have decided to keep Jade to show and Bart will be available as a pet. He is a very loyal and loving boy and will make his owners very happy.
The kids are doing really well. They get along famously. Even when they go outside to play with the adults they choose to spend time together and will occasionally playing with my youngest Westie Haley as well.
As far as White Diamond Terriers News goes I will have to admit we had or local dog show here in Richland Washington last weekend and I have been so busy I forgot to enter... Could not have asked for better weather and our attendance was close to what we had last year. I did go down both days to visit my friends and help clean up on Sunday. Wednesday evening we had our annual pizza party/ monthly meeting at Roundtable Pizza. This year there were only half as many attendees, partially due to the Vice Presidential debate maybe. Great Pizza and I was hungry too as I had just finished with a short bout of Stomach flu.
Molly and her Westie puppies are doing very well. This morning most of the puppies eyes have opened so I will be sure to get a good picture posted quickly. I also found on of the girls up and walking this morning!
My best to all of you and keep checking in!