Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rachel's puppies at just under 2 weeks old.

Its just a few more days and these guys will have there eyes open and it will be a whole new world for them.. As you see cooperation for photography is not in there best interest as the all seem to want to turn the same way to make there escape. After one full set of batteries trying to get them to pose in the there natural habitat I decided to take each "in hand" and try my best to get good shots. They are a little easier to tell apart but not by looking at them, all by weight! Rachel watches them like a hawk and is a great Mother!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pepper in her Summer trim.

Hi Chris

Here are some pics of Pepper after a visit to the groomer.

She's got her summer weight coat on now.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Jack is a Daddy... again!


Gretta has matured, in personality quite a bit, since the birth.

Gretta and Luci are doing fine, as of today.

Champion Lymehills Famous Grouse has sired another future champion. Born to Wyndbrae's Glenfiddich Gretta and her owner Aaron and Amy of Hayden Idaho we present Luci. Look at the the proud expression Gretta has on her face, she looks very proud and happy!

Congratulations Amy and Aaron!

Peanut passes away...

As most of you who follow my blog know, Peanut was the love of my life... Loved by all desired by many for her loving kind nature. Peanut was the most loyal and loving dog in my life. She of course was spoiled rotten all the time, I would have to admit I favored her over everyone because all I needed to do was look into her eyes and I know exactly what she wanted... FOOD! I carried her to bed nightly and carried her outside in the morning to do her duty. I could never have asked for a better Norwich Terrier...

May she rest in peace... I love you Peanut!

Friday, May 14, 2010

First puppy pix

Can't deny Mom a meal after her ordeal...Rachel had to go to the vet clinic for a C-section as her first puppy was not going to be born into this world naturally. Dr. Benson at Desert Vet Clinic has been our vet of choice for years and did a wonderful job once again bringing Rachel's 3 boys into this world. They weigh 6 oz 6 oz and 6.8oz repectively which is pretty good size for Norwich, taking after there daddy obviuosly. They are all grizzle in color as well. Keep checking back to watch Rachels litter grow...

Rachel is having puppies today!

As you see Rachel is awaiting her litter of three puppies. She started less than an hour ago and we will remain patient and see how everything goes...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pepper enjoys retirement between Canada and the United States..

Hi Chris

Here are a few more Pepper pics.

She is definitely "one of the family" in her own inimitible way!!!!


Tess donated her hair to the Cancer society!

Following in her "Big Sister's" footsteps, Tess (Lexi's owner from Kelowna Canada)cut her hair for cancer
today!!! She was VERY excited and has been asking almost everyday if her
hair was long enough yet!! Tess was thrilled to have almost 10 inches cut
off and is looking forward to visiting the Cancer Society on Monday to hand
her hair over.

We know that you are a special part of her life and thought you would like
to see the final results!!