Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More of Lexi's vacation pictures....

Lexi goes to the Lake

Hey Chris,

My computer hasbeen in the shop for 3 weeks and I managed to accidentally erase all 12,000of my photos!! Yikes, got most of them back, but it has taken forever!!Anyway, Lexi is doing great and we had an amazing time at the cottage inmid July. Lexi really took to the water and LOVED gliding around on the oldhydro slide!!! She would whine and come out into the water to get on! Shewas not so crazy about swimming off the boat, but the kids loved her in herlife jacket and lounging on the boat!!! I have more pictures to send, butwanted to make sure I got these few off to you!Hope you are well and finding some time to relax (somehow!!). Lexi goes infor her first professional groom on Tuesday, I will send a pic!Take care and we will chat soon!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Henri update...

Summer Greetings, Family and Friends!

I can't believe it has been over 4-months since Henri's diagnosis. We are still in the process of weaning Henri's medications. His original immunosuppressant cocktail included cyclosporine, prednisone, and AZT. Henri is off the cyclosporine and we continue to taper the prednisone. The AZT weaning process will begin at the first part of September. This journey has been long and worrisome for us but Henri's miracle recovery continues. Henri has remained stable and strong. Keep sending those prayers for "No Relapse"!

We had a small unexpected bump in the road this week, when we tried to stop his prednisone. We have had to back up and plan to taper him more slowly than we anticipated. We are hoping his adrenal glands "wake up" and start making their own steroid hormones. This warrants another prayer, for functioning adrenal glands.

Henri has grown up into a handsome little man with a very deep, big bark. He adores his sassy sister, Bella, stealing naps in her crate whenever possible. He is obsessed with balls (Thanks to Jeannette!) and runs them like a real soccer pro. He loves to go on walks and dances in anticipation whenever we put on shoes. He is a very fun-loving, little man--a real joy.

He has found lots of summer foods he likes---snap peas and green beans from our garden, blueberries, and watermelon. He is savoring the summer season, although, he wishes it was cooler. We often find him sprawled out like a Westie pancake on the hardwood floors, while his sister, the sun godness, is cooking herself outside. Henri doesn't like this heat wave, we have been having. Papa Jeff felt so sorry for him, he went out and bought another airconditioner for our living room.

I have included a photo of Henri with his internist, one of him under the coffee table waiting for his sister to leave her bully stick so he can steal it, another of Bella and Henri napping during the heat of the day ( notice who's crate he is in), and another of Henri and Bella napping on the sofia--their different personalities shows even in how they sleep.

Special thanks to Jeannette Melchior, Henri's Godmother and Michele Mariani, Henri's Angel--without their continued support, this journey would not have been possible. We are deeply moved by everyone's generosity and feel blessed by your support.

Keep praying!

Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Mr Henri