Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bart's world

I brought that pillow into the kitchen to be somewhat comfortable during my
endless hours of play with Bart, but I guess he wants all the comfort to himself

Bart, one ear up and one ear down.

Look at his ears! He reminds me to Kelsey when we first met her. She also had
one up and one down. He couldn't be more adorable!

Henri needs help.

Dear Friends of Henri,
As you know, we have been battling secondary infections off and on with Mr. Henri over the past several months. With diligent topically care (3x/wk medicated bathes, 2x/day medicated wipes, 2x day topical medicine, etc), we have been able to keep things at bay. However, over the weekend, we found an infection on one of his toes. And a few days later, we found a large area underneath his collar. My instincts told me that we were losing the control. We hate to resort to oral antibiotics with Henri because they unset his fragile tummy….but we had to. So yesterday, we started oral antibiotics and to help get him through the series, the docs added an anti-nausea medication. Fingers and paws crossed….he is tolerating things so far. On the humorous side of all of this…and you do need humor to pull yourself through…Jeff bought me a headlight at REI so I can clearly see what I am doing and use both my hands. Henri as always…endures it well and forgives quickly. Sigh! Please to send prayers to Mr. Henri…we need these skin infections to heal up.
In early February, we will make the trek to Tacoma to see his internal medicine vet. A while ago, she told us that she did not want him to have 2-3 secondary infections a year…we have surpassed that so I don’t know what that means. Will let you know when we find out.
While Mommy and Daddy are tired from all the vet visits and treatments, Henri continues to be his happy, bouncy self. Playing all evening with his favorite toy—the loopy and dragging his beloved stuffed bunny all over the house. From Henri’s perspective life is great and wonderful….attitude is everything, right?
On the financial side of things, we did not receive any “extra” donations from non-members this holiday season. These “extra” donations truly do help keep the Fund going for Henri. Please consider either a donation to the Fund or directly to Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. Also, if you know of anyone that would be willing to join the Fund membership, please, pass my contact info along.  While Henri responds well to treatment…he requires lots of ongoing vet visits and medications. Thank you for considering this.
To HHMF Fund Members: A quarterly statement will follow this update within the next week. Thank you for your continued support.
Photo 1: Henri sleeping in the toy box.
Photos 2:    Henri monitoring Dad doing reconstructive surgery on his beloved bunny.
Thank you! Prayers Please!!
Ella and Henri

Bart likes his old bed better...

He likes it better than the new one.  I think the new one is still too big for
him and in this one he feels cozy.


Dukes debut at home.

Is this the cutest puppy you have ever seen. Apparently Duke wonders the house following Emily, Scott's wife all day...

The Barnett boys.

Help!  Somebody let us outta here!  :) (Tuff life huh..)
Thank you Sylvia! 

Bart takes a walk (Video)

Apparently Bart is very distracted by pine cones, squirls and other dogs taking a walk but it didn't stop him from making this perfect video with Karin's daughter Soleil. Thanks for sending the video! 

Simon get's freshened up.

Simon is the sweetest baby boy.  So good on the table and in the bath tub. He is a good looking boy Karin, thanks for making him a wonderful home and your visit to the dog show.

REAL Seahawks fans!

The Kloppenburg's sent me this great photo of there two dogs who are true Seahawks fans! Frankie the Westie is from my kennel and Buck the Norwich Terrier is from Monti Craig's Image kennel sired by Dash who is a second level GCH. out of Elaine Jong's Dungeness kennel. Get a good look at Buck as you will be seeing more of him in the future on my blog... What a wonderful picture, thank you Lynn!

Chester takes 2 Majors at the biggest AKC Conformation show in the NW.

Chester was bred by my client Elaine Jong. He is owned by Renae and Gary of Western Washington who have agreed to let me show him to his AKC conformation title which he is well on his way to after a 5 point major and two days later a 3 point major at the biggest show in the NW held in Portland Oregon with victories over 27 class animals being shown. Chester's owners are wonderful people and really enjoyed watching him in competition. I look forward to helping Elaine make Chester's littermates conformation champions in the near future.

Peety yesterday, Jack today! hehe

Here is a picture I took of Peety who is the brother to Bart and Duke. Apparently each brother shares a floppy ear still but they will rise shortly. Peety is a couch dog who loves to watch TV but lacks the ability to change the channel still...lol

Bart's brother Duke goes home the same day.

Scott was very sneaky in planning his new family member, checking with his wife and the primary care provider making sure the admiral was on the same page and the family was all in He made a special visit to meet with me to make his families case to provide a wonderful home to a White Diamond Terrier puppy. The entire family was very surprised how smart Duke is. He has even learned to ring a bell to go outside to relieve himself. What a smart boy and a great placement.

Scott is holding Duke and his daughter is holding Peety who remains with me for now. 

The name Bart finally sticks!

Karin and her daughter Solei had been after me almost daily for a puppy coming for a visit multiple weekends bearing gifts for myself and the puppies. There was no way I could keep from placing a puppy with them. Look for more pictures of Bart learning all sorts of new things. I have a video I will try to post of Bart walking on a leash which is very good for a puppy his age.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What you all have been waiting for... Emily's puppies at 9 weeks old.

From left to right... Black Bart, Puppy Puppy and Pinkie. I verified it this time! 

Louie's New Years Day stroll.....

Louie is out of Duffy and my girl Haley at about 4 months old now. Apparently he is well looked after by his new owners as he hits the streets for one of his "walks". I am sure they were the nit of the neighborhood! Thanks for taking such good care of Louie! 

Duffy says....