Monday, September 29, 2008

New picture of Molly's puppies.

Just wanted you to see how the puppies are coming along. I believe the boy is highest in this handful. The smallest girl with the largest head is at the bottom and the larger of the two girls would be at the finger tips on the left. It was hard to believe I could get them all to sleep in my hand long enough to get this picture!
The puppies are pulling themselves along now in the whelping box and hungry ALL THE TIME!
Keep checking in and watch them grow up. I am considering a web cam for whelping box. Any great idea's with regards to what I should call it?
Like puppy cam for instance?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Molly's puppies turn one week old.

Check out these beautiful one week old puppies! Molly has been a wonderful mother to them and they are growing like weeds!
As you can see they have developed there pigment and can be very difficult to tell apart.
I think we have some real future talent here...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

While Molly was outside....

It's 3pm and Molly decided she needed to step outside which gave me the perfect opportunity to snap a picture! The puppies are doing great! Westie puppies are so hardy and Molly is a wonderful Mother as well.

I look forward to watching these little guys grow up and develop personalities... WESTIES RULE!

Molly's puppies are finally born!!!

Hello dedicated White Diamond Terrier readers! Molly has finally delivered her 3 puppies. She has 2 girls and a boy all who seem to be doing very well this morning. The entire birthing took about 3 hours which I was very thankful for. I knew her temperature had dropped to 98.3 degrees yesterday when I arrived home from work so I was on puppy watch again. Molly actually delivered at day 68 after her ovulation number of 5 which is longer than I or my vet Dr. Benson of Desert Vet Clinic in Richland had ever heard of. The picture was taken 15 minutes after the male puppy was born so please forgive the mess. Molly is a great mother and all the puppies are nursing. I want to thank the interested families for there patients in this process and I will post regular updates for you to see. Keep us in your prayers and thank you for your follow ups and support.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coco update...

Hello everyone! To those waiting for Molly to have her litter she is still holding out... It's been 65 days since she ovulated and still holding. I was able to get her to hold still long enough last night to feel those puppies kicking to get out but Molly is not quite ready....yet.

I received an update from Calgary on Coco last night. Seems she is still trying to get her older Westie brother Riley to warm up to a full time friendship but he is still hot and cold on there relationship. I guess Coco still has some convincing to do yet. Rebecca tells me she has no shortage of energy around the house and enjoys her most prosperous time on the couch with her toys around her.. SPOILED ROTTEN! lol just like every dog should be.

An update and new pictures of our Norwich kids Jade and Bart are on the way...

Friday, September 12, 2008

White Diamond's True Magic due "YESTERDAY"!!!

Well were busy here at White Diamond Terriers, that's for sure! White Diamond's True Magic (pictured right) is due with a litter of three puppies YESTERDAY... We are watching her very closely as you can imagine. Molly was bred to a beautiful imported dog for Europe who recently included AKC conformation champion to his European titles. Ch. Asheridgelee Mr Dynamite or Dino (pictured left) as he is lovingly referred to is a very well mannered Westie with a beautiful pedigree. Together they should produce some very nice puppies.
Keep checking back. We should have picture of Molly and her puppies in the next few days...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mr G. grows up!

I love to get emails from my clients... I wanted to share this recent photo with all of you. As you can see Mr. G (Jimmy) is very spoiled. He has a wonderful home in Western Washington with a delightful family who obviously takes great care of him. Jimmy takes 2-3 miles walks daily and surprisingly enough likes to go jogging so as you can imagine he is in great shape!

Thank you goes out to the Gits family for your updates and great pictures...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cute picture of the kids...

I got lucky enough to snap this picture of the puppies while they were relaxing so I thought I would pass it on to you...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bart and Jade are growing up...

Wow time goes so fast... seems like just the other day I could hold each puppy in one hand, this is no longer the case. The kids are over 10 weeks old now and have developed real personalities (some less desirable than others). Jade, the puppy I decided to keep and show for myself is at the bottom and Bart is at the top. As you can see its almost time to pull the first puppy coat to start them on there journey to adulthood. They spend most of there time out in the kitchen now and when I arrive home its play time, soon it will be an occasional outdoor visit with the adults to play.

Bart has made good progress in building strength back into his rear leg. I suspect he will be on this taping regiment for a few more weeks and then back to the vet for an evaluation. When he has recovered from his injury he will make a wonderful pet for someone as he has a very loving personality for sure.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jenny leaves for the "Great White North" !

Update time!

This past weekend I personally delivered Jenny to her new family in Calgary Canada. I think the hardest part was letting her go as I have gotten so attached to all these little guys... finding the Germsheid was a perfect match.

As the Germsheid family already has a wonderful Westie Riley, Jenny (renamed Coco now) had a new playmate to get use to. It was a wonderful sunny day as I met the entire family. We all went into the backyard to talk and watch Coco explore her new grounds. She easily took to all parts of the yard, running playfully along checking everyone and everything out. Coco showed no fear when it came time for her close examination by Riley. It's always an adjustment for a puppy to be accepted by the "head of household". In no time at all they will be best of friends...

Calgary is a beautiful city with many things to offer. A wonderful variety of culture and scenic beauty for sure. It has everything to offer from a number of professional sporting events to beautiful lakes and mountain getaways. If a person was looking for a happening place to live with many great opportunities for employment Calgary Canada would be a wonderful place to start!