Sunday, February 3, 2013

Henri Update....Great News!

Greetings Friends of Henri!

It is time for an update and we have lots of good news to report for Henri. Last week, Henri had is 4-month internal medicine checkup. His IMHA continues to stay in remission. His labs all showed he is handling his IBD medications well—Mommy is very happy to hear this. It was, also, time to check his immunity to distemper and parvo so we sent sample to Dr Dodds (Auntie Jean) for this—his immunity to both is holding steady. Hooray for Henri!!! Since Henri cannot receive any vaccines, this is a big deal for us. Henri is doing great!

Henri’s internist and regular vet have both been impressed with his hair growth and muscle gain. He has regrown his beautiful, thick hard terrier coat. And nearly all his weight gain has been muscle mass. He looks and feels like a hearty terrier. It is wonderful to see him feeling good and enjoying food. We used to have to hand feed him and we were lucky if he would eat even then for us. Now, he asks for dinner and dances for treats. It melts our hearts to see him feeling good.

Henri sends LOADS of kisses to each of you.