Sunday, June 21, 2009

Henri the Scotty?

From Ella...

Jeff is wondering if there isn't some Scottie in Henri's line?! Wouldn't you know it, the day after giving Henri a bath, he discovered the fireplace.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rocky Dixie and Dewdrop update

Though they are a little hairy, Rocky (black and tan) who was the number 5 ranked Norwich Terrier in the Nation for 2007 and his sister Dixie (next to him) who I also showed to an AKC conformation champion title in 2007 are still very happy and healthy in Elina's care in Western Washingington.
In Elina's word's..
Hi Chris,
My kids are big and fat. Buffy is not quite as tall as Rocky but looks longer and bigger otherwise. She has a really mellow personality and gets a long well with everyone. She is a barker though. She is still very playful and always happy. The funny thing is she does not watch TV and has no idea what Dixie and Rocky are barking at on TV. Dixie is still trying to discipline her, but Buffy's bigger size is making it harder for Dixie. I have been really busy with my work this year and had no chance to attend any shows. I am hoping that next year is better. I would like to have Buffy entered at some time, but she is not trained yet. Attached is a picture of Buffy in the winter and another of Rocky and Dixie under the apple tree.

Henri continues to thrive!

In Ella's own words...
Dear Friends and Family,

Henri is growing up so fast! He is like a little sponge, trying to figure the world out. With this last medication reduction, he really perked up. In the early mornings, he loves to sit outside and watch birds. Also, after being mentored by Jeannette's Westie, Lily Rose, on digging and the ecosytem of good soil, he has taken an interest in grubs and insects. He has not totally convinced that eating lower on the food chain is really that great but it's fun to try---it is all about the sport for him---dig and release. Henri, also, found some new summer foods that he enjoyed--watermelon and fresh snap peas. I will try to get a photo of him eating a snap pea---it is very cute, watching him crunch away.

Henri had his bloodwork done yesterday. His hematocrit has held steady at 43%. Hurray for Henri!! His next medication reduction will be another prednisone reduction. This upcoming medication reduction is critical to "waking" up Henri's adrenal glands. Henri's prednisone dose will be given on alternating days to challenge his adrenal glands to start making their own steroid hormones again. So our prayer continue to be for--No Relapse. Let the Miracle continue!!!

Henri sends LOTS of terrier kisses!

Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Mr Henri

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coco and her buddy Riley...

Up in Calgary the Spring weather has finally sprung and it time to explore the yard and do what Terriers do best DIG!!!
Here is a note from Coco's owners..

Coco is doing great! We can't believe she'll be turning 1 year old this week! We call her our "Little Drama Queen", as she is very excitable and expresses her emotions using her whole body - licking, whimpering, trembling, panting, yelping, etc. We found out the other night that she does not enjoy thunder storms - luckily it was a short one! She's still extremely sociable, and loves to meet anyone who comes to the door and on her daily walks. I don't think you could find a friendlier dog than her. We completed a beginner obedience course this spring, which she loved, although more for the excitement of seeing other dogs than for learning to behave. She did do well though, and we may even attempt the next level in the fall. Attached are a few recent pictures - the first one was taken shortly after her first professional grooming (I finally gave up trying to keep her coat neat on my own!), the next is with her step-brother, Riley (who is turning 14 this week!), and the last one is out in our backyard.

I hope you and your pack are doing well!

Take care,Rebecca

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Piper is growing up...

In Piper's own words..

First of all arent I really cute???
Well, life with my new family is great.....sometimes a little too great! By the end of the day I am exhausted from playing with all of my new toys, not too mention all of my new buddies and Mom taking me for a walk every morning at 7 AM. Geez, can't she let me sleep in once in a while! It's really fun 'cause Chip, my Border Collie walking friend, goes with us. He pretends he is bored with me, but I know he thinks I'm pretty darn cute. Cause I really am! If Mom gets too busy she takes me to Chace and Trent's to play for the day, I really like it there because I get lots of attention and get to walk around Greenlake with the really big dogs! Last weekend we went to Whidbey Island and I met a couple of neighbor dogs, I like to bark at them, but Mom says I will need to learn some manners. I think that means obedience school in the fall when I am 6 months old. I finally have had all of my shots and boy am I glad that is over. Trent says I am now a cyber dog because I have a micro-chip, pretty cool, huh! I miss my old family but I know that everyone is having as much fun as I am and life is good when you are a White Diamond Pup!-Piper

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lexi and the neighborhood BEAR!

Unfortunatly the blog will only let me post so many pictures at a time so I have to make some choices...
Hi Chris, Hope all is well with you and that your are enjoying Vegas!!!!! Finally getting around to emailing you a few photos. Lexi is doing great and testing our patience at times, as any child does!!! As you can see from the photos, Lexi and Tess have a very strong bond and get along famously!!! I sent a picture of our resident bear as well. It is a bit blurry, but you can see him right on our back burm, they have finally put our a "live bear" trap in our area to try and catch him. He is far too comfortable in his surroundings as of late!!! Tess got a new bike a month ago and she loves to ride it when we go to pick Ava up from school. Lexi also enjoys the walk and the kids when we get there. Ava loves Lexi too, but it seems that she is at school when we do get time to take some pictures, she also prefers to be behind the camera!!! Like her mother!!! Anyway, baking in the heat here, and loving it!!! The last two weeks have been in the mid to upper 80's!!! We are expecting some rain this weekend, but it will be welcome by the greenery!!! Don't know if you heard, but the Rockets came in 2nd at the Memorial Cup. Great finish, but of course it is not the ending everyone was hoping for!!! We will see what happens next year! Take care and we will chat soon!!!
Sincerely, Corrine

Westie Fun Daze!

Hi Friends and Family,

This past week, Henri had is bloodwork and his hematocrit came back stable. Hurray! So this week, we reduced his prednisone dose in half. Keep praying: No Relapse.

Until Henri is mostly weaned off his medications, he will need to be followed by the internist.

He is growing up so fast. He almost weights as much as Bella. The internist OK'ed him to attend the annual Westie Fun Daze event on Saturday so we took both furkids to their first Fun Daze. Henri was a happy event spectator, hanging out in Sandy Davis's x-pin. Bella participated in the tail chasing event. She had a blast. Our little girl can fly---as you can see she came in 2nd place in her first tail chase ever. It was amazing to watch the Westies fly across the green grass. Attached our some photos of the day. The kids crashed when they come home, it was nice to see them as worn out as their parents :)

Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Baby Henri