Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zoe's boy Tug.

If Tug is not a red in color puppy I don't know what color this is... Tug is a very chubby puppy as you may be able to tell. His mother Zoe has not intention of letting this boy go without any food what so ever. He is still crawling around on his front legs but pushing with is back legs. At some point when he comes off mom he will loose a little weight and get up on all 4's!

Tug is 3 weeks old now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ewer's new addition!

The Ewer's are a local couple who chose a White Diamond Terrier puppy years ago and felt it was time for an addition... Dicksie... not so sure. If you scroll back a few pages on my blog you will see the lifestyle Dixie leads.

Here is today's email from Luci's (the name of there noew puppy)owners.

We did well, Chris. Crying was as expected, but with regular potty breaks, Lucy got a good night's sleep.

Older dogs are ABSOLUTELY having an adjustment crisis. As in, Dicksie has just marked every dog bed with urine--while Steve and I are looking right at her.

After a firm "No!" and some time outside, she got a nice 5-minute tummy rub. Poor thing. Must be hard to feel de-throned after so many years as the baby.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tugs debut!

Here he is Zoe's only puppy Tug. Tug is almost a week old ang very active, He loves heat, Mom's milk and lots of sleep!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Haley's puppies at 5 weeks old.

By now your wondering if I am insane... Two litters at the same time and a full times job. It's no problem with my very diligent pet sitter Stephanie. She is awesome at taking care of everyone while I am away.

Getting big huh? Had to pull out the slippers to start paly with them as they are turning into toe and foot hunters with razor sharp teeth!

Tug is finally born!

With great anticipation.... and a C-section Tug was finally born last night. Being a singleton puppy I am sure and as you see here Zoe will spoil him rotten! She is obviously giving me the eye here with a warning I am too close with a device she is not fond of. If you look really close you will see Tug tucked away.

Stay tuned to watch tug grow and see Haley's puppies latest pictures as well.

Luci goes home....

After great consideration and 9 months of work I decided Luci in the sky with "Diamonds" was not what I am looking for in a great show dog so very shortly after that she was snapped up by Nelson's from Montana. Being previous Westie owners they knew exactly what to expect. Luci warmed right up to them instantly and was happy to go home this morning.