Thursday, August 30, 2012

Noah takes Winners Dog for his first major in Nisqually

Noah is looking really good here at Nisqually winning his first major making his owners, Ron and Vicki Fulton very happy. Here's to more winning!!

Sprout's first AKC show in Nisqually Wa.

Here is as wonderful picture of Sprout and myself Taken at the Nisqually Kennel Club show a few weeks ago. Sprout is showing more promise and should be leading the pack sortly! What a sweet girl....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lexi's is cool too!

I really appreciate the time Corrine has taken over the years to snap pictures and share how fast her girls and Lexi have grown up.

The Peacock family year in review...

Peacock family pictures... Lucky Lexi!

Hi again!! Embarrassing, but true, some of these photos go back to Christmas 2011!!! In the one where Tess is on her bed (and Lexi looks like one of the stuffies!), Tess was home sick from school. Her best friend was not far away!! There are also some Easter pics and one where Ava is getting Lexi to howl, which is very cute in person!! I also have some boating ones from this summer but they are on my iPhone, I will forward a few to you as they are pretty cute!! Take care and hope you enjoy the pics!! Cheers, Corrine et al!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you AKC judge Jeannine Dowell

We all have to start somewhere... Thank You Jeannine Dowell for trusting me to start your Norwich Girl Sprout in AKC Conformation and also thank you for the wonderful gift as you can see here. Your first rate! Here's to future greatness...

Lacy's first official pictures at 6 months old.

Here we are... Lacy's first official pictures at 6 months of age and a freash bath. She will be on her way to her first AKC show next month. Lacy has done very well in handling class and is ready for the ring practice. Thank you Sandy Davis of Lanarkstone Kennels as Lacy is one of the last puppies of a bloodline and related to my first Westie Kelsey who is now 14 years old..