Sunday, August 29, 2010

18 month old Gavin checks in from Alaska

Hi Chris

I can’t believe Gavin’s 18 Mo old and he hasn’t slowed down a bit. He can go from totally asleep to full alert in half a second. We should have called him Cosmo; I think he is from outer space half the time.

Our grandson was visiting this summer and they got along wonderfully. It was a good experience for both of them. Gavin had never been around a young kid and Brendan had never been around a dog.

We really enjoy him, although there is hardly ever a dull moment and we love him dearly.

Bill & Norma

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

This is 9 year old Sunny and his new brother Teddy...

Hi Chris,

Well our first week went well. I am pretty tired though. Keeping up with this little one takes some energy. He is very spirited.

I gated him in my bath with Sunny and zipped him in his kennel with my closet door open (sunny loves to lie in his bed in my closet). Teddy found a way to
unzip the bag and was loose in the area with Sunny. Fortunately, Sunny was kind and did not bother him but Teddy managed to pull down some of my clothes
that hang on a low rod. I have devised a better plan for the times we are out of the house. We got a new gate and keep Teddy in the bath by himself with all
the doors closed. Sunny hangs out on the other side of the gate for now.

Sunny is basically ignoring Teddy. When Teddy approaches him, he just walks the other way. He has been very nice to share his car seat and his stroller with Teddy.
He doesn't seem to mind sharing as long as Teddy doesn't jump on him.

Teddy is getting used to going on the area we have designated for potty. It is artificial grass and he is doing well using the potty patch we bought. We keep it in the bathroom
for those late night potties. It worked great last night. He went on it right away. Yeah! Teddy is doing great on our walks too. He is doing well on his leash and just follows
Sunny. I am very pleased with his progress. He had his vet check and another at the end of the month. All went well. Everyone at the vet office just fell in love with him.
We have also taken them to the mall a couple of times , outdoor restaurants, the art show and Home Depot and have done a lot of driving with them in the car. Sunny has not trembled at all. I think he is cured!!! Teddy is doing so great with all of it. I figured I would expose him to our life right away and he seems to love it. We get stopped constantly with people asking about them. We have lots of
dog lovers around here.

That's the updated. Here are a few pics for you. Have a great day. syl

Friday, August 20, 2010

Luci is growing up..

Hey everyone, this is Luci, my Molly's puppy girl. Luci is just over 5 weeks old and I was pretty proud of these pictures so I wanted to post them. I am holding onto Luci for a few more weeks to evaluate her in hopes she is of show quality. If she is not she will be available as a very sweet pet puppy.

Pretty cute with her tongue peeking out...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doc update frpm Dr. Melinda.

Hi Chris!
Doc is doing great! We go on 6 K walks every week and he is a fantastic walking dog. This morning he was quite helpful while I was doing my yoga stuff at home. He brought all his toys to me and then rolled over with a toy in his mouth trying to get me to play with him while I was doing the Down Dog pose. Very clever little mutt!

Here are a couple pictures - hope you enjoy them!


Bart and Bradley still need homes...

It has been an odd year for puppy placement... I have some great owners out there and Sylvia just left with her second White Diamond Terrier puppy, Teddy. I want to believe Bart will be a show dog and want to put him in a show home. Bradley also has a wonderful temperment and is very affectionate but will only make a great family pet. Bradley is up top and Bart is the puppy shown below.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teddy goes home...

Teddy went home with his new owners Geoff, Sylvia and his new brother Sunny today. Teddy is there second Norwich Terrier from White Diamond Terriers. Teddy will be missed... Geoff and Sylvia are fantastic owners!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Molly's puppies are growing up FAST!

This would be the large headed boy at the top and the girl below.