Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tuggy Moore goes home...

Pictured here is Tuggy Moore who has been patiently awaiting his new home all of his life... well the 9 weeks since he has been born. Tuggy will be welcomed into his new home by Phil who is shown here and his wife Michelle who is home in Kirkland with Tuggys new best buddy Teddy. Teddy (if you scroll back a page or so) was delivered by myself to the Moore household about a month ago. We look forward to all the updates on there new family members and there should be a ton of them...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a great sick buddy...

I took these of Tess and Lexi today. Tess was home
sick from school and her friend was not far away!!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dash takes Group 2 in CDA Idaho!

Here are a few EARLY pictures from Dash's adventure at the Spokane/CDA cluster last weekend. Before this weekend Dash was nationally ranked number 7 and 9 for his breed in two different polls. After our weekend of 4 Best of Breeds including this Group 2 placement losing to the number 1 ranked Terrier "IN THE NATION" dash has added almost 150 more dogs defeated to his record which should move him up considerably in the National rankings. Dash and I will be attending the National Terrier specialty (Great Western)in Long Beach California in a few weeks, the Eukanuba Invitational in Orlando Florida in December and in February of 2012 the Westminster Kennel Club show!

A HUGE thank you to his owner Elaine Jong for believing in me and my ability to do right by Dash.

Izzy speeds into her AKC Champion conformation title....

Let me introduce you to Izzy, owned by my clients Vicki and Ron Fulton of Yakima Washington. Izzy is quickly on her way to her AKC conformation title. A few weeks ago we picked up her two required major points in Lewiston Idaho, last weekend in Spokane and CDA Idaho we pick up 3 single points and then this weekend in Yakima Washington Izzy received two Best of Breed placements for a few more points. Along with two Best of Winner placements for 2 points from September at the Richland Washington Kennel Club show Izzy only needs two points to finish her Conformation title!

Her owners are very happy with our results... hehe

Lucy settling in...

I thought these photos would amuse you; I caught all three of our dogs taking a nap this afternoon. On to a Lucy update!

Little Lucy is finding her place in our household, and growing every day. Yesterday, she learned to go down stairs, and that was a big milestone, as we have a 3-story house on the side of a hill.

She'd been bounding UP the stairs quite happily for several weeks, but was hesitant to go down them. Big Sister Dicksie fixed that quite simply: she took off from our lower deck to chase some squirrels. Lucy barreled down the stairs after her--and Steve and I did a high five from the deck. No more carrying a puppy downstairs!

Lucy has started her S.T.A.R. Puppy training classes. She's easily the most obstreperous pupil in the class; our teacher is very good-natured about it, reassuring the other puppy owners that "This is perfectly natural behavior for a Westie puppy!" Meanwhile, the owner of the nice, big, relaxed Golden Retriever looks at Lucy with unbelieving eyes, amazed that such a little pup can create so much noisy havoc! But Lucy is a good learner, and is trying hard to master her new skills like "sit", "stay", and "leave it!"

At home, Lucy has settled into our household routine. She's sleeping through the night, enjoys her daily walks with Dicksie, and has great fun bounding all over her two older sisters in outbursts of puppy energy. The older dogs are not amused, but Lucy isn't fazed by their growls and barks. Bounce! She did it again!

Lucy tags along behind Dicksie almost constantly. Lucy isn't quite sure WHY Dicksie is barking at those furry things up in the tree, but she wants to be there to check it out, all the same. It is just adorable to see the two of them trotting all over the backyard together.

Anyway, here is a rare moment: an afternoon nap. Lucy was the only one of the three who woke up when the camera flashed--but she still looks sleepy.

Thanks for another great pup/family member, Chris!