Friday, April 30, 2010

White Diamonds Sweet Sara well on her way...

Sara and I had a great weekend at the Lewiston Idaho dog show last weekend. It has been a very rare occasion where there are majors for Westies at AKC conformation shows this year and we were able to win BIG!! ... 6 females Westies were entered which is just enough to make majors 3 of the 4 days at the show. To receive an AKC conformation champion title you have to win two 3 point majors and 9 single points. At 7 months old (which is unheard of) Sara was able to secure her two majors during this weekend.... wow. Sara received so many compliments from onlookers while she waited her turn in the ring. As I am her breeder obviously I am very proud of her accomplishments so far. She is over half way to her title at 7 months old. You can only begin showing at 6 months of age.

I have been on the road showing Sara and my 9 month old Norwich Terrier Zoe for five weeks strat. In this time we have won 5 majors and 6 single points between the two girls, that's huge!

Check back to see how the girls are doing..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cassie comes to visit me at a show in Albany Oregon.

Dear Uncle Chris – I just can’t tell you too much that it was GREAT to see you again! It’s been almost exactly one year since you let Mom & Dad adopt me and it’s been a good year. I’m definitely spoiled to pieces (especially by Daddy and treats). Yes, I promise to loose a little of that extra weight. Little neck rolls aren’t good! Mom is taking your lessons to heart; so I know I’ll be spending more time on the grooming table.

I had so much fun visiting with you at the Chintimini Dog Show in Albany. Seeing Zoe WIN and meeting Sara was incredible! I think I even paid attention when I watched some of the Obedience and Agility trials. We’ll see if I decide to practice what I saw. ;-)

Here’s a little photo from Saturday. It’s easy to tell who just returned from a vacation basking in the sun and who has been rusting in the northwest. Oh well… Our time will come again in June!

Hugs, Cassie

Lexi and Milo meet for the first time... In there own home town Kelowna Canada!

Hey Chris,

Here are a few shots from Thursday's "meeting of the West-ies"!! Milo and
Lexi got along very well after the butt sniffing festival!!! It was like
they already knew each other. Milo was completely enamored with Lexi and
she found him to be quite charming as well. Lexi is very much an only child
though and would not share Milo's many toys, a bit of a snot really!! Milo
doted on Lexi and let her have the run of his place (even Nemo seemed a bit
charmed by the little lady in white!!!) The two are so similar and other
than Lexi's more mature and longer fur, very difficult to tell apart.

I also included a few pics of Tess with "her" dog snuggled on the couch.
Tess had been lounging watching a show and Lexi took the opportunity to jump
up and snuggle down!! Too cute.

Clarissa update...

As you can see here Clarissa has a pretty good life, couch potato and run of the house with all her important toys to herself. Her owner Chris takes her to Green lake regularly for walks around the park where I am sure she receives plenty of attention...
Thanks for making a wonderful home available to Clarissa Chris!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sara and I in Albany Oregon at an AKC conformation event. Zoe news as well...

Ok.. Here we are in Action!

Sara is just about 7 month old now and by this picture you can see who is paying

Sara showed wonderfully but as her only competition were two champion Westies we were defeated... We did received great compliments from the judge and on lookers coming very close to winning we were later told. Give Sara a little more time and maturity, she will be a huge winner in the ring! Sara sends a shout out to her litter brothers and sisters by the way as well.

Zoe, my 9 month old Norwich Terrier won HUGE on Saturday with a Best of Breed win for her second of the two required majors being well on her way to an AKC conformation title at a very young age... She defeated two champion Norwich Terriers, one shown by Bill McFadden who you will recall won at Westminster a few years ago with a Kerry Blue Terrier by the name of Mick. Zoe is a fantastic show dog and very loving and loyal at home as well. New pictures to come soon..