Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to White Diamond Terriers Star...


Attached are photos of Star, Unique’s Star Spangled Banner I think that this is a very pretty puppy.

Star will be spending the next few months in Phoenix being trained by her breeder Karen so when she is ready to come home we will take the show ring by storm...

Star and my Champion Norwich boy Alec are both from Karen at Unique Norwich Terriers.

Karen Whalen
Unique Business Forms
Unique Norwich Terriers

NEW picture of Haley's puppies at 6+ weeks old.

Ok... lemme see here. Sandy Davis's puppy is on the left. Mine is in the back. Chris Wong's puppy is on the right and Jody Pihl's puppy is up front (I am pretty sure..?)
If you had any idea how many shots we had to get before we could find one picture good enough to post.. These guys do not fit in my two hands any

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cassie's back from vacation...

Hello Uncle Chris – It’s been way to long since I wrote and I see from your blog that a lot has happened in your world while we were traveling. WOW and Congratulations!! I even see that I have some new half brothers and sisters from Momma Haley. Life is sweet!To fill you in just a little bit… In August the three of us headed off on 2-month RV trip covering parts of 17 States. While the primary reason for the trip was to see the new granddaughter in Franklin, TN, we had tons of fun all along the way. Eden Grace was just precious and I liked pushing her swing and giving her kisses. Her fur-sister Maggie & I ran and ran all over the house! What jolly fun we had but there are way too many pictures of our time in TN to share here.Although every place was extra special, here are photos of some of my favorite activities: Climbing through the mazes of rocks & silly pictures at Rock City (GA); Walking along part of the Appalachian Trail (Great Smoky Mountains, SC); Hiking & once again rock climbing around Sylvan Lake (Custer State Park, SD); Being carried in a sling on trails that didn’t allow pets; Chasing seagulls at Illinois Beach State Park; Seeing cousin Brian at Great Lakes Naval Training Center (IL); Just chillin’ in the motorhome; and Discovering that toilet paper can be fun.I’ve become a regular social butterfly and made both 2-legged and 4-legged friends all along the way. There was cousin Maggie, of course, but we also had a Westie (and Cairn) party in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a long romp with a black lab puppy at Old Faithful, and absolutely tons of playmates at campgrounds all over the country. WOW!!!You can probably tell by the photos that I’ve grown quite a bit. At 14.5 pounds, Dr. Suzy wants me to loose a pound so that I fit my petite frame a little better. Oh well... I really like my food! It’s nice to be back home and I’ve become quite comfortable on the love seat in the music room even though Mom quickly shoos me off (after taking a picture, of course!). ;-) Will sign off for now but am sending hugs your way,Your niece Cassie

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Henri update...

Strait from Ella, Henri's owner....

Hi Friends and Family,

It's hard to believe...but has been 8 months since Henri was diagnosed with vaccine-induced immune-mediated hemolytic anemia. The journey has been difficult and long...but Henri has proven that miracles can and do happen.

You may remember that Henri was placed on an immunosuppressant cocktail of cyclosporine, prednisone, and AZT to attempt to stop his immune system from destroying his red blood cells. Very slowly over the past several months, we have been weaning him off of these drugs. His hematocrit has stayed steady through each medication reduction. Hurray! Currently, he is only taking a small dose of AZT. The plan is to stop the AZT in January, then he will be medication-free.

Recently, Henri surprised us with deciding to finish teething. When he became ill, he was in the middle of teething. He had all his adult front teeth and had just cut his molars. About a week ago, he decided it was time to finish the job and is now cutting his premolars. The medications likely held up the process and while vets thought he may not get these teeth at all---he is Henri had, also, lost over half of his hair with the illness and is now growing a lovely, thick, coarse Westie coat. We send lots of thanks to Sandy Davis for sticking with us through this long journey and helping make Henri into the handsome young boy, he was meant to be.

Since I last wrote, Henri celebrated his 1st birthday. Attached is a photo of him tasting his first pupcake. Also, a photo of Henri and Bella on squirrel patrol. They perch together at the end of the sofia, facing the window, hoping for action. Henri has been very busy making up for lost time, for all the puppy things he missed. He has chewed up all our tupperware lids, so now, we have bottoms with no tops. He has learned that not all things vertical are appropriate to pee on. He has, also, learned that when his favorite stuffed animal is missing (his big white bunny), it is likely in the wash machine---which he comes to tell me with lots of incessant barking. Additionally, he has learned if his sister has a chewy and he barks out the window, she will drop it to come see what is happening--smart little boy.

We want to take a moment to extend our gratitude for all the support Henri has received. A special thanks goes to Henri's Godmommy, Jeannette Melchior. Henri, himself, sends endless terrier kisses to his sponsor, Michele, for giving him the life he loves--his life with his family.

Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Henri

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lexi goes hiking....

Lexi's owner is such a camera buff and I enjoy the pictures so much it's a pleasure to post them. The blog does not always put the pictures in the order they should be in you get the idea...
I felt the photographer would not appreciate there picture being posted in the blog so until I get her permission it will be missing in action...

Lexi the Canadian Tree climber...

Lexi will do anything to get her ball...

Lexi loves to play fetch!! We have friends with retrievers that think she is a better retriever than their dogs!!! She absolutely loves to go after the ball (or toy) and quickly returns it for another round. She does jump the gun sometimes though and then has no idea where the ball has ended up, that’s when her nose comes in handy and she eventually brings it back. We have a giant juniper bush in our back yard and Brent started throwing the ball into it for her to find, it is really quite hilarious!! Lexi climbs in, up and on the bush to find the ball. It slows her down a bit with the non-stop throw-fetch when you are trying to have a conversation!

Gavin from Alaska!

Though Gavin appears a little on the shaggy side he is very comfortable in his fur coat living in Alaska..

Hi Chris - Bill took a few pics of Gavin on a rare day when the sun was shining. We went to the park where Gavin likes to romp and give us a merry chase (that is we are chasing him).
Westies are certainly a full time job, but the time spent is very rewarding. Gavin surely has us around his paws!! He get walks with us weather permitting, he romps and likes to play fight with Bill, and Gavin is also multi talented -he takes his monkey that you gave him (which he treasures and is still in one piece)and puts it in his mouth and then pushes his ball with the monkey. It looks like he is playing soccer!! It is so cute.-

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Charley finds a wonderful new home..

Does everyone look happy here or what? Charley has a big smile on his face because he knows he has found a wonderful family to live out the rest of his life with..

Debbie , Frank and son Joel were very happy to have the opportunity to provide Charley with a wonderful new home on Whidbey Island.

Take care Charley and write when you get a chance... You will be deeply missed by everyone here. What a wonderful Westie...

Monday, October 5, 2009

More pictures of Charley...

Boy is it getting dark outside fast! I tried to snap a few more pictures of Charley who is out of my first Westie Kelsey who you will see in my lap on the title page of my website. Handsome fella isn't he!!
We may have found him a wonderful pet home already... Fingers crossed and you know who you are. ;- )

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Group Photo

Boys are in my right hand and girls are in my left hand..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WOW... This is pretty good stuff!!

It was time to introduce the puppies to real food and was met with no resistence as you can see here. The only resistence was moving Haley out of the pen. Once she saw the food she was quite resistent to leaving the area as she is a total food hound!

Charley needs a home...

Charley is my 5 1/2 year old Westie I bred who's mother is my retired Champion Kelsey and father is a very nice champion stud dog from Western Washington. Charley was the only puppy in his litter and remains in tact but will need to be altered. The reason for his return was nothing more than his former owners did not have the time to give him the care he so lovingly deserves. Charley is house broken and very healthy.. ok, he is a little over weight but only by a pound or so...
Found out today Charley likes to play fetch, pretty unusual for a Westie but as a coincidence so does his mother Kelsey...

Such a happy boy deserving of a wonderful home.

Just got him bathed and dried so as soon as I can get my able bodied assistant we will take pictures...