Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Facebook link

For those who have Facebook I have a page and this is my link

Hope you can follow me there but I will try to continue to post here on my blog as well. Finding a webmaster who knows HTML has proven to be difficult making changes to my website no existent for now. A complete redo of my website is time consuming and finding just what I like has proven to be difficult as well. Ill get there though!


Mean time, Kelsey, my Westie has puppies due about a week before Christmas and Nicki my Norwich is due Christmas day! Looks like I will be busy!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Winter is coming....

Bundle up!

Lexi's New Friend

Lexi is doing great and she has a new companion!! We adopted a little rescue Pomeranian & her name is Tinker. She is a very sweet little girl and has fit into our family amazingly well! We took her on a one week trial and all fell in love, even my husband Brent! Lol. She has been with us for four weeks and Lexi is loving having a friend around!
Thank you Corrine!