Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dejected Maddie...

Maddie is a puppy I placed with Marlene and Harlen Hulett many years ago. The Hulett's have two of our Westies.


well here are the pictures!! She did not have "cherry eye" after all. The Dr said it was an injury just above the cherry eye gland that caused the swelling. The surgery went well. The Dr still did everything she would have done if it was cherry eye. Due to the fact Harlen and I are so dedicated to these two little girls, she gave us a nice discount. Maddie must have injured herself without us knowing it. She does go at it with the dogs next door. They get on their side of the fence and our girls on our side and it is on. We always bring them in as soon as it starts. All I know is someway, somehow her eye got injured with no outside signs. Believe me we brush their teeth and I always clean out their eyes every day and never noticed a problem. It must have started inside, very deep, and then pushed the gland up and outside the eye. Hope you enjoy the pictures. She is still pretty out of it. Tonight should be quite a time. I don't know how she

Bart and Bradley's Mother Pepper heading home...

Pepper spends her retired winters in Arizona and summers in Canada. She is pictured here after spending a little time with my friend Karen in Phoenix while her owners where "on vacation". Pepper appears pretty happy as she usually does!

Bart's brother Sir Lancelot Braveheart aka Bradley

Lancelot held here by his owner Mark as the picture was taken by his wife Mary. I hear he has taken ove the household and is doing very well..

Bart is settling in...


In week 2 Bart has become much more comfortable with our family and has adjusted well to the house. Here he is chilling on the couch with me.

We take 2-3 walks a day in our neighborhood and I've even hired a dog sitter to care for Bart when I have to be away. (Right now they are in the "getting to know you" stage.)
What a great little pup!
Best wishes for a great Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bart goes home...

Cynthia Pierce and her daughter abbreviated there trip From Bainbridge Island Washington State to Los Angeles so they could retrieve there new puppy Bart. Bart took and instant liking to Cynthia and I know will be very happy.

As you can probibly immagine Bart is a real squirl at his age and getting a good picture of him on his best behavior is not so easy...

Congratulation Pierce family!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super Seven!

Looks like my old Champion boy Jack can still get the job done! In only a single breeding he sired this litter of 7 puppies for a Champion girl owned by Sandy Davis.

Doc at Halloween 2010 Therapy Dog in Training...

We did our Halloween training class in costume followed by a visit to an assisted-living facility...he did great!

Greetings to his star sister Sarah!

Melinda and Doc