Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clarissa update.

Hi Chris,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here are some recent photos of Clarissa from over the last week. She is growing at an amazing rate...last clocked in at 5.5 pounds at the Vet's office on Friday. She handled her two shots fantastically with minimal yelping. Although poor thing got car sick on the ride home and threw up in her carrier (with no warning. I didn't hear anything wrong at all, even a whimper until I got upstairs and opened the carrier and she ran out, leaving her mess behind). She seemed perfectly fine afterward though.

Now that she is more confident around the apartment, she is starting to test her boundaries, so have had to be more stern with her lately. She definitely loves attention and is becoming a fantastic puppy kisser.

Oh, she has seemed to develop a little bit of a rash on both her front legs right around where her leg connects to her body. The vet thinks it might be her harness chaffing her but I am not so sure. Have you heard of this happening before? At any rate, we are applying some Hydrocortizone, per the Vet's instructions and hopefully it will clear up. I hope she is not biting herself when she is alone...although I have not seen her doing so. Just a hypothesis of mine.

All things considered, she seems happy and playful. If only she would stop peeing in the house! :) She throws us curveballs sometimes. She will go outside so we will bring her back in and play with her, thinking we are out of the danger zone and then out of nowhere she let's it go right there on the floor mid-playtime. Unlike her pooping, she has almost no "tell" for peeing, so it's hard to catch the warning sign. At least she has mastered pooping outside (I think she only went once inside this last week).

Oh! She learned the "Sit" command two days ago. "Stay" is another story... :)

Talk to you later,


Clarissa goes home...

Once again please excuse my inability to post... Pictured here is Chris Wong residing in the Greenlake area of Seattle Washington with his new girl Clarissa.

I have received wonderful update news about Clarissa's progress in potty training and she is a real Terrierist like the rest of her littermates..

Keep up the great work Chris!

Milo goes home to Kelowna BC

Pictures here is the Pihl family with there new puppy Milo. Corrine Peacock had alot to do with this wonderful placement as the two families are close friends...
Both the Pihl, Peacock family, myself and the two Westies shared a wonderful evening meal the night before I was to leave for home. A good time was to be had by all, they kids enjoyed playing with the dogs and the adults enjoyed great conversation.
Sorry to say it took a little longer to get these pictures posted before the updates had been posted but I do my best.. Jody, Milo's new mother has decided she want to hand strip Milo to keep his hard coat so I will be assisting her in that effort through video and lot's of moral support!

Revisiting Lexi and family..

While I was up in Kelowna delivering a Westie puppy to his new family I was very lucky to be able to spend some time with part of the Peacock family seen here. Brent and Corrine were very gracious to offer the use of there condominium during my brief stay which I want to thank them for once again..

This will most likely not be my last trip to Kelowna as the elusive father of this family has decided he would like to have a Norwich Terrier in the future which I was more than happy to agree to as they are a wonderful family and I look forward to being in touch with the family for many years to come...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jazzie retires....

I know most of my audience does not know about my girl Jazzie as she is not one of my breeds but she is one of the favorite dogs in the household..
I acquired Jazzie over 7 years ago from a long time friend Dick and Dee Hanna in Nampa Idaho. Dee receive Jazzie in trade for showing a Westie in AKC conformation. Dick told Dee they could not have a third breed so Dee (who has the biggest heart in the world) offered her to me to show in conformation. As I walked up to her pen she was throwing her toy up into the air and catching terrorizing it as she so much enjoyed her toys... I could not resist her and took her home with me. I finished Jazzie's title at the Rose Garden on Portland of 24 other Dachshunds as she was a perfect example of the breed. Jazzie has had two litters over her life here with me all going to wonderful homes.
At almost 8 years of age it was time to find her a retirement home. Fritz and his wife came to me by way of some friends in the breed and were the perfect family for Jazzie.
Thank you Fritz for making Jazzie a wonderful home... Thank you Jazzie for all the fun, love and laughs you have brought into my household over the years...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ryan, the 4th puppy from Dino and Haley

Sandy Davis is running Ryan on as a potential show dog. His last hurdle will be the appearance of both testicles... I have Sara and I will try to get a few pictures posted over the Holiday. She had her first introduction to her family outside in the back yard today as it was beautiful. She did really well and her mother Haley really enjoyed her company as they played for about 15 minutes, who says daughters and mother's can't get along... I took a little video on my cel phone but it may be a mystery till I figure out how to get it into the computer and on the blog but it is a goal of mine.
I want to wish each and every one of you a

Charley has settled in...

Hi Chris,

Sorry I haven't written sooner. It's sure been hectic around here. We've all had the swine flu (except for Charley!), and then we all got better and Charley got sick (vomiting, diarrhea). The vet thinks Charley had giardia, although he tested negative for it. (Apparently if you test at a certain time during the parasite's life cycle, it won't show up on the tests they do.) So, Charley's been on antibiotics for the past week, and is finally feeling better. Whew! We were pretty worried about him. They even did some blood work to make sure there wasn't something more serious wrong with him. His bloodwork came back fine, though, which is a relief.

Aside from that big scare, Charley has been great! He's a wonderful addition to our family and we all enjoy playing with him. He loves his toys and loves to play fetch. He lets Joel hug him and pick him up, and has gotten used to us and our home. He's also been very mellow with all the dogs he's met, including my boss's corgi, so I've taken him to work several times. It's great not to have to leave him at home when I go to work.

Charley and I go for walks everyday. We're both a little tired of the wind and rain we've been having, and long for some sunny days! I think it may be harder for Charley, since he's from a drier and sunnier climate! We're enjoying getting our exercise though, and I've had several people stop me during our walks to say what a cute (and well-behaved!) dog he is. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a dog living with us again!

Here are a few new photos of Charley - I did trim the hair around his eyes, but after the photos were taken! In two of the photos Charley has his favorite toy - a stuffed hedgehog - which he's managed to tear most of the fur off of, along with almost all of the stuffing. Charley still likes hedgehog, though, because it still has the squeaker in its head. We still have the duck you sent Charley home with - and that's also one of his favorites...

Hope you're well. Now that I know how to download the photos into my computer, I hope I'll be able to send you some better ones soon.

Debbie, Frank, Joel & Charley

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clarissa reports in....

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to check in with you now that a few weeks have gone by. Clarissa is progressing along quite well. She is picking up going to the bathroom quite side at a steady rate and is about to about 85-90% no accidents in the house (although we had one today after a pretty good streak). Her visit to the vet last week went great and she has her next shots scheduled for this Friday. She is still sleeping through the night with no problem. The biggest hurdle is trying to tire her out during the day as she is so excitable and never wants to have "quiet time." :) While she loves to destroy newspaper and the floor mats we bought for her playpen, she is all around less destructive than I thought she'd be. I showed her the website photos of her brother Milo and told her what a princess she was, as she got to live in the warm indoors while he looks like he is out in the fields. She is such a wimp outside, particularly when it's cold and windy. :)Here are some photos from the past week.Catch up with you soon,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Nemo pictures from Kelowna BC

Milo's new brother and sister...

hi chris,
how was your holiday?
everything is great here.
milo is a phenomenal little puppy.
he's training really well.
he LOVES to play and if always choc full of energy.
he loves nemo's jolly ball.
every dog i've ever had loves those horse toys!
he's also very big on being outside.
his new thing is hunting rodents.
he runs around with his nose in the thatched grass and he wags/digs whenever he finds something.
he also loves to play with (torment) nemo and yoda.
nemo is tolerating him beautifully and actually likes to play with him a bit outside.
here are some photos.

jody pihl

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ayer's family walk...


Madison and her last daughter Gracie reunited...

Hi Chris, Sorry for the delay and these pictures are from this summer. I will get you more up to date ones—soon—I promise! All the dogs romp through the garden and it is very hard to keep them clean for very long!!!! Let’s see, Maddie is used to going back and forth between my home and Patty’s. Patty is sooo busy all week so we decided to keep Maddie here Monday –Friday. Patty loves her and gives Maddie a bath each weekend for me. Maddie is such a sweet dog and the doctor says she is wonderful and such great bone structure!!!!!!! She is deffinitely part of the family now—THANKS!!! Gracie is a different dog!!!! I adore her but she still rules the house!!! Gracie is sooo darn cute but is a rascal! I had Gracie spayed Sept. fifth and she did very well, but I felt soo sorry for her. She just wanted to be in my lap and follow me around, as she always does anyway!! We kept her in the bedroom with her own soft crate for a week and carried her to go out or stay with us down stairs. The doctor thought it best to keep her away from her siblings for a while!! Gracie loves to go for either a walk or ride in the car, but really loves coming with me in the car. She sure knows what leash means!!!! Gracie is thirteen and a half pounds now and I wonder how much bigger she will get. I kind of like her small---it is just Gracie!!! The two of them look a lot alike, but Maddie is bigger and is more sedate!!!! The two dogs are TV addicts and are crazy about Animal Planet! Grooming coming up tomorrow! It is quite something to take them all and people think they are so cute. The rest of us are well and hope that you are too. How is business? Fill me in and what do you do for Thanksgiving? Hugs from us all, Pat

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cassie's 2009 Halloween on the Oregon Coast.

From Cassie,
Hi again Uncle Chris- Boy was it a hot time in Florance yesterday! The old town merchants had a wonderful Halloween party and I was able to participate. Everyone was dressed in there finest costumes and giving out treats up and down Bay St. Many places even had treats for me.. WOW!!!
You know that I am really not a little devil but my costume certainly did make folks smile and point. I don't think any other 9 month olds had as much fun as I did.

A Canadian Halloween celebration for Lexi n Family

Not knowing so I had to ask... Do you celebrate Halloween in Canada? Well it turns out they do as you will see here.

Lexi and the entire family was in costume, check out the Canadian "custom made" Sponge Bob Costume, there is some artistry there!

I will be making a return visit to Kelowna this coming week to deliver a half sister of Lexi's to his new family. Jody and her family are very excited!!