Monday, November 28, 2016

Louie changes to Cooper. First pix

We officially named him Louie Cooper, Cooper for short. Sent some photos of Cooper, as you can see he finally slowed down enough to get some sleep. The vet was very impressed with your care of Cooper and said that is rare for a dog to get that kind of care. The vet techs and all the team at the vet thought he was great and real cutie! Him Sam have been getting along great, and seemed to have come to terms. Will keep you updated with photos. Thanks Martin and Bonnie


Bart is exhausted!

Bart's first full day with his new owner Michael must have been exhausting!


Winston's Christmas Challenge.

Winston wants to put out a challenge to all of my Norwich friends for a 2016 Christmas picture. His owner says he is the Rock star of Twitter with 1550 followers and counting.
Show us what you have!

Bart arrives home. Its alot of work!!

Bart arrived at his new home. Bart has already commandeered his favorite chair. Good boy Bart!

Bart goes home.....

Lucy's last puppy Bart went home with his new owner Michael Simpson . Get it... "Bart Simpson"! Bart was the smallest puppy in the litter and well looked after. I warned his owner he was spoiled.... Michael text me after they got home saying Bart did not like being put down. Told him he may need one of those doggy back packs to carry Bart around.... lol! Norwich are like that! Love this breed!

Louie goes home....

Louie goes home to live with his new best buddy Sam. Thank you Bonnie and Martin!

You lookin at me???

First picture. Winston is all ready for Christmas 2016.
Second picture. Surely you aren't thinking of removing my favorite toy (at this very moment) from my mouth, are you?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hudlow goes home.....

Stacey and her husband are the first to collect their Norwich Terrier puppy Hudlow James. I understand her trip home and first night were very peaceful..... She is soooo cute, look forward to seeing her in a month for her first grooming and in the future a possible show career!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sailor and the fall yardwork.

Sailor helps with fall yardwork out in Marblehead Mass. Thanks, Pat!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sailor makes a trip to the vet.

Sailor waiting for Dr. Rockwell ! He is so cute and weighs 14 lbs today . Looking pretty shaggy... maybe I can get a trip out to Marblehead to groom him?? haha