Monday, March 26, 2012

Alec loses his manhood....

Poor Alec, here he is recovering from his surgery and teeth cleaning, you can imagine what he may feel like.... Crystal and Lloyd are still working with him to help him feel more at home in his anxiety. Alec is a people pleaser, it will just take time to get him dialed in and comfortable.


"Alec is officially ball-less and missing one of his molars. He did
really well. He is the biggest sweetheart in the world! He is in good hands and we LOVE him. He could not be any sweeter. His little face melts my heart".

Thank you

Crystal Rude

Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day eh?!

Wow, those Canadians really know how to party eh?!

Milo and his family supporting another American Holiday but who wouldn't want to do that. The Pihl family goes out for every Holiday if you look back in the picture files from my blog.

Thank you so very much for sending the pictures along Milo looks very content!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lily goes home to California...

Mary has been patiently waiting for over a year to receive her Westie puppy. Two years ago I delivered her Norwich Terrier Sir Lancelot, who you will see me holding in one of these pictures. Mary brough a few of her friends to help her get everyone home which was a good move on her part. You will see in the last picture my side benefit to the delivery process as I have a policy that I will not ship my puppies.... The weather just happen to be great and Mary was very happy to have her new family member so we were both very happy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Alec continues to settle in..

Seems as if there is a common theme in his update pictures...

We are loving little Al. Every single day he gets better and better. He is a completely different dog from the one we brought home last week. This morning he didn’t have a single accident. The first morning thus far. He has done great during the day and an night. I am so proud. He is warming up to Lloyd and not peeing when he pets him. Yesterday Lloyd said that our condo actually feels like a home. J

After a 3 mile walk, we brought Al over to a friend’s house and they have a 16 month old Labradoodle. I had Al on my lap and the other dog kept coming over in hopes that Al had changed his mind about playing with him and Al started growling and showing his teeth. It was the first time I saw him stick up for himself. I was happy for him.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zoe's puppies at 8 weeks.

The Norwich Terrier puppies of Zoe's are growing up as you can see. Yes, they are both spoken for... The girl is in the top picture, boy in the lower picture.

They are so funny to play with in the kitchen, morning and evening. Lily, my 9 week old Westie spends all her time teasing Nicki and the boy. They are so taken by her they let her lead them around. Lily will run to the corner of the kitchen and spin around with her back to the cabinet in anticipation of the Norwich puppies chasing her, roll over on her back and sure enough the puppies are hot on her tail to play.

Lily at 9 weeks of age.

Lily is a very smart girl. It starts when the alarm clock in her head goes off at 7am and she knows its time to play so she starts to bark... She use to eat her breakfast before she went to play but no more, she wants to see her Norwich Terrier friends. Once she gets into the kitchen she passes time by teasing the Norwich puppies into a chase game or an occasional tug o war game. Once she grows tired of that she starts to bounce off the fence that keeps everyone in the kitchen, Lily knows once the gate is open they all have access to the entire house. Smart Girl!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleeping with a fours in the air... now that's relaxed!

Hi Folks,
I had to share this photo with our fellow furkid parents. So since Henri is on prednisone, when we must check is skin every few days for infections. Frequently, if Henri is doing his usual, sleeping on his back with all fours in the air, we will take advantage of that opportunity to check his tummy. Anyway, last night I got a photo of Jeff doing "tummy inspection".

Monday, March 12, 2012

Puppy play day....

Today Lily is 8 weeks old, Lilly is the white Westie. The other two criminals Norwich Terriers are about a week behind in age, the boy who you can see in the top picture, the girl in the lower picture. Life is pretty good here as you can play play.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alec starts to settle in....

Besides being right next to me -he loves our bean bag! We got him a crate today
and will try it out for sleeping and will leave it open for him during the day.
He did great at the dog park today. Didn't leave our sides. He was very well
behaved. We finally saw his tail up and wagging. He loves walks.

I got your email about the plaque fighter. I actually had just bought it!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caged Fury!

Huddling together in anticipation of dinner time are Zoe's two puppies who have yet to be named. As you look at the pictures the girl is on the left and the boy with his head tilted is on the right.

They, along with my Westie puppy Lilly are living large. Every morning and every evening we have play time, well.. they have play time. Its all I can do to stay clear of the sharp teeth shots to my ankles. These two are very smart, it took only two days for them to figure their way out of the kitchen into the rest of the house. In the evening they are in the living room and they quickly learned the adult dogs were outside but there was a sliding glass door separating them from reality so they learned to open the shades to peek out to aggravate the adults.

Ch. Uniques Ringside Gossip retires...

It was finally time for Alec to retire... I was able to locate a wonderful couple from the Seattle area to make him a wonderful forever home. Chrystal and her boyfriend Lloyd are commericial realtors from Seattle and very excited to welcome Alec into there family. Best wishes to them all! I am sure we will see a few pictures once he gets settled in.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Dear Friends and Family,

We went for Henri's followup with the internist on Tuesday. Henri is doing great. She said, at first, she was worried about the weight but when she felt him....she was really pleased with the weight gain...all muscle. She said she hadn't realized how muscle-wasted he was. She is really happy with his response to treatment.

I was a little disappointed as she outlined the steps ahead of us. I had hoped, we would be tapering the prednisone more quickly but she wants to slow down as we approach the lower doses. He will be on 2.5mg/day for 6-weeks and then I am suppose to checkin with her. She said it can take up to 6-weeks to see if the Crohn's Disease/IBD is going to 'break through' the med regimen. It all makes sense...I just wish it was different.

We had a little hiccup this week which is making Jeff and I feel bad. Jeff had refilled Henri's pill organizer on Saturday and mistakenly allocated out Bella's prednisone pills instead of Henri's. We use 1mg/tablets for Bella and 5mg for Henri. So Henri for a few days was underdosed significantly. I caught it one morning because the pill size seemed strange to me. While Henri was acting normal, he had stopped eating breakfast and was somewhat reluctant at dinner. Ugh!! I called the internist, she suggested we go back to 5mg/day for 1-week and then resume the 2.5mg/day. So while Henri has weathered the hiccup relatively well....his parents are a wreck...we feel terrible. I guess this is the problem when 3 out of 4 creatures in a household are prednisone and all for different reasons. Bella take 0.33mg/day for physiological replacement, Henri is on (now) 5mg/day for immunosuppression, and I am taking 5mg/day as an anti-inflammatory.

On the up side, Henri is super busy making up for lost time. His favorite toy, "The Loopie", has been everywhere. He is launching it to new heights....the coffee table, dining table, toilet, bathtub, fire place, etc. And while he is not usually a barker...he is when his favorite toy is stuck. Busy little guy!

Well....that is the latest. For local folks, we will be at the Seattle Kennel Club dog show on Saturday with Henri. We will be located in the "Meet the Breed" Westie area. There will be a raffle for the Helping Henri Medical Fund. If you would like to come meet Henri, please visit us.

PS Attached is a photo of Henri with our normal vet, Dr Karen Myhre. Even after all he has been through, he is still want to give her kisses. So sweet!

Thank you!!