Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kelsey and Madison all groomed up!

Kelsey and Madison are very popular names it seems. Shown here a two of my Westie who were adopted by the Hulett's of Southern California back in 2003 and then returning for there second girl in 2004.
In Marlene's own words..
I really like your new site. Our girls are doing great. We decided, after 5 yrs, to have the girls professionally groomed. Well, it was OK, but we like the way we do it better. It's just that I cannot seem to give them a neck. Now that they have one I am hoping I can continue on my own. So glad you are doing well and Madison is in her new home. Talk again soon.

Marlene has been working on grooming and done really well for a long time but wanted some special pictures of hte girls so here they are, beautiful..


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gracie loves the Redsox!

Hi Chris, I see Jim sent you a picture of Gracie watching TV ! Actually Gracie is watching “THE BOSTON RED SOX”!!! Gracie loves to watch tv! It is very funny and if I ask her if she wants to see Animal Planet she runs to the TV!!!!

The Ayer family photo from July 4th Weekend..

This is the entire (for the most part) Ayer family .

I stayed with Jim and Pat over the 4th of July weekend delivering Madison to her new owner Patty and Michael (Patty pictured on the far middle right and Michael bottom right). Pat is pictured in the middle holding Gracie, Madison's last puppy and her husband Jim is just off to the center left in the red polo shirt.
Once again I wanted to thank the entire family for making me feel like a family member and look forward to seeing you all next year!

Cassie and Sadie are neighbors in Florence Oregon!

In the girls own words... Dear Uncle Chris – It’s been quite some time since I last wrote but things have been quite a whirl wind around here. Mommy & Aunt Vicki went to California to see their Mom and help with her new house. Boy – Did I have a ball being alone with Daddy or what?!?!? Now we’re getting ready for our BIG trip to Tennessee to see my new niece Eden Grace. Two or three months in the RV will be absolutely fantastic because I’ll have sooooo much of their undivided attention!

I’ll be laying low for a couple of weeks because I’m having my ‘procedure’ next Tuesday. In the meantime, I’ve been having an absolute TON of play dates to work off some of this puppy energy. My favorite has to be my 2nd play date with cousin Sadie (formerly known as Katie). We all went over to Lynn & Bernie’s house to see Sadie yesterday afternoon for a romp. Now… ‘Romp’ may be to gentle a word for this get-together. We ran and ran and ran and chased each other all over the house. Then we would roll around on the floor and wrestle before taking short rest times under the coffee table or under one of the dining chairs. Oddly enough, we were so very quiet during all of this playing. We didn’t need to say a word to each other – we just read each others minds and acted accordingly. We were both VERY well mannered, like good White Diamond Westies should be! It’s a good thing that I wore my red collar and Sadie wore her blue one so that all of the parents could tell the blurs apart!

I think you’ll see that I’m much bigger now at about 12.5 pounds. My hair is shaping up nicely and I’m starting to look more like a grown-up Westie each and every day.

Sending many hugs your way, Cassie

Bill & Debbie Whittaker

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Off to Fennway to see the Seattle Mariners

What a great time we had watching the mariners play the Boston Redsox in Fennway park... As you see here I am pictured with my ball I was very lucky to catch while I was sitting behind the home team dug out. I was a very valuable event to catch this ball but I knew giving it to someone who would greatly appreciate it was much more important so I gave it to Madison as you can see here pictured with her dad in the parking garage after the game. She held onto it with great pride and it made her very happy...
Though the Mariners lost this game but won 2 out of 3 they should be going to the play offs as they are having a great year. I have inserted a few shots of some of the more popular Mariners players from where I was sitting with the 3 new friends I had made who are Ayer family members or related to them, also pictured here. We had a blast!
I have to say I have the best clients in the world. The experiences I have had and friends I have made all over the world have been invaluable to me.... I want to thank each and every one of you reading this blog who are part of my family from the bottom of my heart for providing wonderful homes for my puppies...

Gracie and her new best friend..

As you can see here Gracie has a pretty good life in Marblehead. She has a beautifully landscaped "escape poor" yard which she loves to explore on a regular basis. She does seem to enjoy rolling in the bark and digging small holes but doesn't every Westie?
Pictured here is Gracie and her best friend over the Holiday week, Madison. Madison was Gracie's shuttle service anywhere she wanted to go during the week. There was not a moment Madison who was also enjoying a Birthday turning 6 was apart from Gracie, she is such an animal lover as you can see.
During my visit I was able to give Gracie a little grooming and also a well deserved bath, see how pretty the after picture was? (back in the safety of the beauty bark...)

Madison retires in Marblehead Mass...

Hello everyone... It was a very emotional 4th of July weekend for me, but I have to say it was one of the best times in my life as well. The hospitality afford to me by the Ayer family in Marblehead Massachusetts was second to none...
Pat who is pictured in the blue top and her husband were out to pick up there new puppy Gracie who was Madison last puppy about 4 months ago. We had a wonderful visit and dinner with great conversation and ended the trip by being asked if I would like to come out some time. After a little time sent by I decided it would be an excellent opportunity to see Pat and Gracie so I accepted July 4th week. Little did I know how wonderful of a trip it would turn out to be... In the following weeks of my decision Pat asked if my retired champion Madison would like to come out and live with her daughter Patty and there family. I though it was a match made in heaven and accepted.
Once Madison and I arrived we were picked up at the airport in Boston and headed for the Ayers home. When we arrived it was larger than life, on about an acre with a beautifully landscaped yard and pool. I was given the carriage house to stay in as for this holiday there were other family members coming for the weekend festivities, it was perfect! I was able to meet every member of the family at a huge party hosted at the Ayer home, we had a wonderful Lobster dinner and BBQ to celebrate the 4th of July. During the day I tried to be as helpful as possible as there were so many people and so much going on. I befriended Michael(pictured below), who is Patty's husband and now has Madison's owners and was able to help him launch the boat so we could all go out and see the fireworks in the harbor later that evening, the event was spectacular! so much tradition in the town it was incredible...
The next day it just so happened the Seattle mariners were in Fennway Park playing the Red Sox. One of Pat's daughters is a VP for Coke so after a little begging I was asked if I would like to join them for the game! I was very happy to say YES as it was going to be my first pro baseball game and were better to see it than FENNWAY PARK!!! Though the mariner lost this game they still won 2 of the 3 game series AND I was able to catch a baseball thrown out to the crowd by the 1st baseman. I have attached a few pictures I took and had taken from my seating area behind the home teams dugout. We had fantastic seats!
The last evening I spend on Boston harbor walking the downtown area before it was time to return home the next day..
I want to thank each and every member of the family for for the hospitality and kindness. If your wondering about ever me making a return visit? You bet I will be!
Doesnt Madison look happy in the chair...

Gavin at 20 weeks old...

Hi Chris

Gavin is doing great and looking more like Jack every day. He weighed in today at 13.6# this morning. He is extremely easy to train as long as there is a possibility of a Kibble. He can now do remote sits and stays with remote downs even if he starts to come before he is called. He also has become good at fetching balls and other toys.

We’ve had fishing guests the last three weeks and they all got involved in his training. Last week Chuck was a big help, he has a schutzhund trained German Shepherd that he competes and he applied his knowledge to Gavin’s training.

What a handsome your man...