Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Henri needs help......

Hi Folks,
As some of you know, Henri has been ill with an unknown GI problem for a few months. We have run many tests, ruling out numerous ailments. We have not found the cause of his stomach problems. With each episode, the symptoms come on more quickly and are more severe. The latest, episode started with vomiting on Sunday and has progressed to no eating or drinking. He is on anti-nausea meds, stomach coating agents, Prilosec, etc.....but is uncomfortable.Today, we started pain meds and I am trying to keep him hydrated by springing water into his mouth. His internal medicine vet, Dr Beth Herman, would like to do an endoscopy to see what is happening in his stomach. Henri is an unusual dog, as you all know, and nothing about his presentation this time is straight forward. He could have some type of rare infection (fungal, yeast, bacterial??), inflammatory bowel disease of the stomach, or cancer. If you are willing or able to assist our family with the endoscopy, please call Summit Veterinary Referral Center at (253)983-1114. The account is under Jeff and Ella Neumann. The patient is Henri Neumann. Prayers are appreciated.
Ella Selfridge-Neumann

Monday, January 23, 2012

Zoes puppies at just week old

Zoes puppies are doing very well, as you can see they are fat and happy together...

Haleys puppy girl at almost 2 weeks old.

Eyes open and just like her mother and sister.. already growling and barking during her puppy dreams...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haleys puppy girl.

Hard to believe its already been a week since Haley delivered her puppy. She is doing very well crawling around the box and sleeping alot as she is the only puppy she receives all the milk which could make anyone sleepy!

Mary has been waiting over a year for Lilly and will be going to live with Sir Lancelot, A Norwich Terrier puppy I placed with the Seifert family a number of years ago. Lilly will really add some livelyness to the household as she is the same breeding that produced my champion Sara.

Zoe's puppies at two days

Had to send Zoe outside to get this special picture.... The girl has her head over the top of the boy and they are very healthy and happy. Gaining weight like crazy as the they literally have to be removed from moms milk to be weighed and Zoe is VERY unhappy about that. She curls around them when I reach for them, good momma!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Milo's ultimate play day!

What is nore important than a Canadian Westie playing in the snow at Big White Ski Resort... very little according to Milo's owners. He is a total snow hound... well, Terrier! and after that of course a romp with friends over to play...

Ending a perfect day all cleaned up laying on the bed.

Zoes puppies are born!

Champion Zoe had her 2 puppies today, a boy and a girl. There was originally thought to be 4 puppies but a mistake was made reading the xray and one puppy did not make it sadley enough.... Both the puppies are doing wery well and have taken to Zoe with vigor! The girl is 7.2 and the boy is 7.6oz, they are both red in color, like Zoe.

Stay tuned for puppy updates!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Official Eukanuba Invitation photograph.

Receiving the second Award of Excellence was very nice as there were 29 other Champion Norwich Terriers entered from around the United States.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Moore family Christmas....

Hi Chris,

Many more Xmas pictures of our earth/angels on the way. They really loved
their first Christmas and our granddaughters Ella and Ava fell in love with

Zoe is packing 4 puppies and due in just over a week!

Hurry up and wait....


Haley's blessing...

As was Haley's last famous puppy Ch. White Diamonds Sweet Sara, number 1 owner breeder handled Westie in the Nation for 2010 this delivery was also a single female puppy by way of C-section VERY early this morning. I was ecstatic to go back to the emergency clinic to find out the puppy survived and both Haley and baby were doing well.

Once I placed Haley back in her surroundings it was business as usual. Haley circled the puppy to let me know she was hers and I was not to interfere but just long enough to make sure her puppy was nursing properly.

Congrat's to Haley and Hammish!