Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Happy Client.. Cobber goes home an AKC Champion!!

After winning his AKC conformation Championship title its time for Cobber to go home with his owner Kris. Cobber has been a wonderful boy to show and he finished in style taking both of his majors back to back over the first two days at one of the largest dog shows in the NW, The Spokane Kennel Club Show going Best of Winners both days. It was a complete pleasure handling for his owner Kris, thanks for trusting in me to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jazzy gets published!

Coeur d' Alene Press Extra: Local News The blue plaid collar on dachshund Jazzy was chosen to match Britney Harris' shoes for their jaunt to Dog d'Alene. They made an elegant pair, the dog serving as both happy companion and fashion accessory. "(Jazzy) is spoiled rotten," admitted Ethan Dodson of Coeur d'Alene, who owns the dog with Harris. "In the car, if someone's in the backseat, it's one of us, not her." Jazzy is simply too sweet to ignore, he said. She's loyal, gentle. Timid to the point that she's eerily quiet even when she plays in the yard. "She's not needy at all. She's just kind of ... happy," Dodson said. "It's how we all want to be treated, and if we can give that kind of love to an animal, it's worth it."

Monday, May 21, 2012

Henri Update.

Dear Friends and Family, Henri is doing well. Since starting the Azathioprine (2nd immune-regulating medication), Henri has been feeling even better than on prednisone alone. Now that the Azathioprine is fully working, we have started to taper the Prednisone dose (again). We are hoping (fingers/toes/paws crossed) that adding the Azathioprine will allow us to get his prednisone dose down significantly. Things are moving slowly now, as we are only making medication changes every 4-weeks. We are hoping, we can get Henri below 2.5mg/day. Last week, we did the first prednisone reduction, we went from 5mg/day to 3.5mg/day. So far (fingers/toes/paws crossed) Henri is feeling well. Our next reduction, in 3-weeks, will be to 2.5mg/day. We had an appointment with his internist on Tuesday, she thought he is doing well. The only ill-effects Henri is having he has little hair so the little guy feels good but looks terrible. The high prednisone levels have caused Henri to lose his entire undercoat making his hair very thin (this bothers Mommy..not Henri). He looks like a little chemo dog. Hopefully as we get the prednisone down, we will see some baby hairs start to come in. Bella is doing much better as things have settle down with Henri. For several months, she was terribly jealous of all his "special" food and attention. Her nightly, temper tantrums which made her crate levitate across the kitchen floor, have decreased in frequency. Guests were starting to get used to our dinner shows. About a month ago, I started taking a class with her which has given her some much needed one-on-one time. She enjoys going to "school" and considers this a special privilege. Thank you for all your wonderful support! Keep sending healing thoughts and healthy prayers to our little guy! Attached is a photo of Henri waking up the other morning...hard to tell what is real and not. Enjoy! Sincerely, Ella

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cobber Kain takes Best of Winners both days at the Olympic KC

LITTLEFIELD COBBER KAIN owned by Kris Molesworth and Leandra Little is shown here on the prep table then ringside during the weekend of the Olympic KC being awarded Winners Dog then Best of Winners both Saturday and Sunday with the skillfull assitance of Miriam Couto.

Oh Yes! A Group 2 placement at the Olympic KC!!

Once again GCH CH LITTLEFIELD DIGNPOP DASHIELL OF DUNGENESS is awarded another Group placement, this time a Group 2 by Mrs Jeannine M Dowell. Thank You very much Jeannine. This placement on conjunction with last week's Group 3 placement at the Walla Walla KC should push Dash up into the top 5 Norwich in the Nation. Thank You Britt Litchford & Elaine Jong & Leandra Little for trusting in my ability to show your boy to perfection.

Dash takes a Group 3 placement at the Walla Walla KC

GCH CH LITTLEFIELD DIGNPOP DASHIELL OF DUNGENESS take a Group 3 placement at the Walla Walla KC on April 28th 2012 under judge Mrs Lynne M Myall. Thank you Lynne! Dash is on a roll as on the following weekend at the Olympia KC he was awarded a Group 2 placement.

Dinner Time!

One of these things looks nothing like the others do... Welcome Lacy from Lanarkstone Kennels in Renton Washington. Lacy is a Grandaughter to my champion stud dog Jack and we need a little fresh pedigree here so Lacy came over at 4 months old. She will join the stack for treats and table manor program immediately. As you can see she is joined by my two 5 month old Norwich Terriers Nicki, next to Lacy and Sunny in the background.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Al update.

Hi Chris, Al has come a LONG way the past couple months. He continues to make progress and I think he finally feels at home and isn’t worried about whether or not we are coming back. We are in love with him and I think the feeling is mutual. I was surprised to hear Lloyd talking about getting another one. I think he is jumping the gun, but we definitely will be in contact when the time is right. Al is such a sweet heart. How does he keep getting cuter? Thanks Again Crystal Rude