Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Norwich puppy video!

They grow up so fast.... Look at the previous video on 10-15-2016. Excuse the cheap entertainment sorce. Toilet paper rolls are pure entertainment!

ALOHA from Manny in Hawaii.

Aloha from Manny (known in Hawaii as “Manu”)
 to Kirby and Winston!

Having a great holiday time on Kauai and even
learning to hula!  Especially thankful 
to  “Uncle Chris” for giving me such a great 
start in life! — Manu

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lucy's Norwich puppies are just over 5 weeks old now. CUTE!!!

OK, ok.... I finally have half decent puppy pictures from my girl Lucy and Woody (aka Jet). The puppies are just over 5 weeks old and looking really good.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Winston's Halloween 2016

From Winston's owner Mary in SoCal. Winston now has 1017 Instagram followers!
Ok. I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I couldn't help myself. And YES, I got plenty of eye rolls from my teenaged grandson.

Emma settles in..

Attached are a few pictures Emma. She actually got to "show off" at our parish grade school's 1st grade class where two of our grand-kids are in 1st grade, another in 3rd and another in 5th. I wasn't sure I would even get to my car before darkness fell! Now half the school and most teachers ask; "How is Emma?" "Can she come back and see us again?" Every year within 1 month of school having started our priest gives a blessing in the courtyard to all the families animals after the 9:00 mass on Sunday. Of course Emma let everyone know she was present along with her bark. It was cool.
Thank you so much for Emma. She is a blessing to us. I'll send you a new picture or two on occasion. Enjoy.
Emma, Ly, and Ken Foy

Eevee back home from the nasty vet office.

Driving home with her owner after being up all night sick and having to visit the vet. Eevee's a trooper, we don't know what she may have picked up (possibly at doggy daycare), but thankfully it wasn't parvo so she should be ok in a few days.
Doesn't Eevee look like she knows the passenger seat is exactly where she belongs? Poor little girl....

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lucy's puppies turn 4 weeks old (Video)

I had to use use extra light to illuminate the dark color of the puppies so there eyes are glowing a bit though it does carry the Halloween theme... haha. Lucy's puppies are 4 weeks old now and switch back and forth from pourage then suppliment with Lucy for food. Lucy has been an excellent first time Mother but her patients has grown a bit thin with the growth of puppy teeth.... OUCH!

Monday, October 3, 2016

What a surprise!

Well... .What a surprise! Look what I received from my "Extended Family" tonight. Thank you so very much Pat, Gracie and Sailor !!! You Hospitality and Friendship are second to none.

If you have never been to Marblehead Mass. your missing out, it should be on everyones bucket list!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Emma goes home.

Emma went home with her new owners today. Ken and his wife have had Westies since they were married 46 years ago. CONGRATULATIONS!

Lucy puppies 3 weeks old

Lucy's puppies have starting walking around inside the whelping box. I found one outside the box VERY early this moring as Lucy sounded the alarm. 3 weeks old now. Thaey arent always asleep, trust me.... when Mom steps in the box its a feeding frenzy!!