Monday, October 24, 2016

Emma settles in..

Attached are a few pictures Emma. She actually got to "show off" at our parish grade school's 1st grade class where two of our grand-kids are in 1st grade, another in 3rd and another in 5th. I wasn't sure I would even get to my car before darkness fell! Now half the school and most teachers ask; "How is Emma?" "Can she come back and see us again?" Every year within 1 month of school having started our priest gives a blessing in the courtyard to all the families animals after the 9:00 mass on Sunday. Of course Emma let everyone know she was present along with her bark. It was cool.
Thank you so much for Emma. She is a blessing to us. I'll send you a new picture or two on occasion. Enjoy.
Emma, Ly, and Ken Foy

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