Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pepper's Christmas

Hi Chris

Merry Christmas.

Here are a few photos showing Pepper helping us out at Christmas.

She is right at home and enjoyed opening her present, a new squeak toy, unfortunately she worked at it steady till it no longer squeaks.

Have to get her a little tougher version I guess.

Have a great New Year.


Clarissa's Christmas...

Merry Christmas Chris,
Wanted to just quickly check in and let you know that Clarissa is doing great. She is a total troublemaker, but such are terriers. :) We are having lots of fun over here in Greenlake. I wish she would show a greater appreciation in some of her toys, as she seems just as content destroying a paper towel roll than one of her 10+ plush toys. She is not doing herself any favors in getting more stuff!Here are some photos from the last few weeks. My parents sent her a bag of Ceasar dog treats for Christmas, so I thought these pictures were particularly appropriate.Heading out to a get together now, but hope all is well in Eastern Washington and will talk to you soon,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Westie Rescue!

You may not think there would be any
Westies in any canine rescue program but there
are... Karin Parish runs Westie and Scottie
Rescue working with Seattle pure bred rescue.

The stories and pictures of these dogs
just kill me but as a dog owner and
breeder I feel it my responsibility
to take part in rescue. The
best part is watching them
recover and find wonderful
new homes... To date, I have
only physically rescued one Westie and it went
well with him finding a wonderful new
Home but there are more in need of
our time and money to help them
in there recovery.

Annually I make a donation to Westie
Rescue and am Corey's lead Guardian
Angel. As you see this little guy needs
alot of help but is coming along well.

If your interested in following Karin and her efforts please click on this link for pictures and information

Thank you for your attention and I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

Wonder why I need new slippers annually?

It seems ALL Terriers love slippers and I have had to "pretty much" sacrifice a pair of slippers annually to one puppy who decides they cannot live without them.

Here is the M.O. .. (my girl Sara, pictured here) They start very young by biting toes and then move to socks as they get a little bit older. After they have become about 5 weeks old they are looking to teeth on something and I have started to protect my feet as the teeth are razor sharp by wearing slippers. Naturally when the laces become untied they feel the cat like reflexes to chace and chew on the leather laces.. At a point they get bored and start in on the slipper... There you go, a sacrificial slipper which usually goes home with a puppy when there new owners arrive to take them home... As you can imagine I don't purchase the high dollar slippers any longer and expect to go through atleast a pair a year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sara and her mother Haley wrestling on the patio

Sorry I was not holding the phone correctly while taking this video but I am still trying to learn and this was a "one take" video as it could not be repeated. Please enjoy it as much as I enjoy showing it to my friends. There is little to no audio in this video clip. You may have to lean your head to the side and watch...

Sara video...

This is my first attempt at posting video from my cel phone on the blog. I know its a little fuzzy but the camera phone is only 2 megapixel resolution. It was fun taking it and you get the idea...

Sara is my keeper from Sandy Davis' Dino and my girl Haley. Is she not cute?

If you look vlosely you can see Peanut laying on he couch in the background...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gracie's day at the beauty salon.

Of Of course not all Westie's get beauty shop treatment but when there is a beauty shop owner in the family there is absolutely no reason why a young girl should not have a day of pampering..
Gracie is looking so mature these days and obviously living large with her owners and mother in Marblehead Massachusetts. If you have been following the blog (which I want to thank the thousands of you who are) you may recall Gracie was Madison's last puppy now owned by the Ayer family of Marblehead Mass. Shortly after they returned home with Gracie they agreed to welcome Madison into there family as well. I had a wonderful trip delivering Madison meeting the entire family, making life long friends and celebrating the 4th of July with them as well, what more could I have asked for.
All my clients are wonderful and I wish I had the availability to make all deserving families wishes come true. Thank you to all my clients and may your Christmas be a Merry one!!!
Please feel free to visit Ann at:

ann supple massey
rouge cosmetics
322 derby street
salem, ma 01970
p: 978-740-1044
c: 781-718-1463
f: 978-740-1047

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jazzie's new housemate

I have been awaiting a call from Fritz, Jazzie's new owner to find out how she is doing and was pleasantly surprised to hear Jazzie is getting along famously with her now house mate. As you see in the pictures it does not take long for Jazzie to warm up. Fritz also expressed what a hit she was at the vet clinic as well. She was always a real character here with me but I know she will have a great life with Fritz and his wife for many years to come.
Jazzie is recovering from her spay surgery this week so she is taking it easy. Give her a few days and she will be her spunky self again...
Thank you Fritz for providing Jazzie a wonderful home and my best wishes to your wife in her recovery.

Piper the sleepy angel..

Hi Chris!

Just a few pictures of Piper... she was an angel for Halloween :)

Chace Nicole Kloppenburg

I bet she was... with a little bit of the Westie devil in her as well..

Sunny Boy at Christmas in Leavenworth.

Hi Chris --

Nice to hear back from you a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful to hear that Sunny's mom, Kelsey, is doing well. You gave us a photo of her when we received Sunny from you and I have always thought that he looked very much like her. Here is another "shot" of our handsome guy from this weekend in Leavenworth, WA at the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Believe me he needed the cold weather booties he has on --- it was very cold. Happy Holidays and Cheers to you and the terriers!!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pepper retires...

Once again it is time to share on of my White Diamond Terriers with another deserving family, this time in retirement. Pepper has been with me for over 7 years, as a retired AKC conformation champion and a mother of 4 litters during this time. I want to than her breeder Sharon Curry for taking a chance on me and my ability as a professional handler, Pepper was a wonderful show dog and has been a pleasure to have here.
Her new owners split there time between Arizona and Vancouver Canada. You can see by her first sent pictures she has settled right in... but not all the family members are quite on board yet... hehe.
Thank you both for providing her with a wonderful home....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ryan becomes available...

Well... after much patients by Sandy Davis our club president and check after recheck by the vet we have decided Ryan's second testicle will not drop into place so it is time to find him a pet home... In conformation events a male must have two testicles at all times to be shown. This is not an ill health effect just a little more work when it comes time to neuter surgery.
Ryan is 13 weeks old and a very nice little man with wonderful temperament and a beautiful conformation.
Do you know of a wonderful family looking for a quality young Westie puppy?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gracie's first birthday pictures,,and family of course!

From Marblehead Massachusetts... It's Gracie's first birthday picture all groomed up. Gracie spends most of her time digging and nosing around the yard most of the day (when its not raining) this is as clean as she gets! The second picture is Gracie and her mother Madison who is owned and being held by Pat's daughter Patty. The last picture is of the Ayer family woman. I would have to assume the family is also populated by men as well but someone had to take the family picture!!! lol What as wonderful family. I want to thank Pat, Patty and family for providing crazy Gracie and her mother Madison wonderful homes..
Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

Coco from Calgary BC Great to hear from you!!!

Hi Chris,

I hope you're doing well, it's been awhile since I've emailed. I finally got around to putting together some recent pictures of Coco at a year and a half. It's not easy getting a good shot of her, as she doesn't sit still for long! She is doing wonderfully, and enjoying all the spoiling we give her. We had her at the vet in October for her shots, and she weighed about 9 lbs. She is still loving her walks around the neighbourhood, where she greets many people and other dogs with enthusiasm and receives a lot of compliments. I've even heard her being referred to as "The Cutest Dog EVER" (and I happen to agree!). Luckily, her buddy Riley doesn't seem to be jealous of all the attention she gets. We're having a big snowstorm here today, as you can see in the picture of her looking out the front window. She's not a huge fan of the cold snow, but it doesn't stop her from wanting to go for daily walks.

I still enjoy checking in on your website, and seeing all the other beautiful White Diamond terriers, and the lucky families who get to take one of your puppies home!

Take care,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best friends....

Here are some heart tugging pictures from Kelowna BC.

When we first arrived at the Pihl home and I saw Nemo and I was a little concerned because Milo is so small and so young I thought it would only take once for Milo to want to play or Nemo to step on Milo and injure him. The family was also concerned about how they would get along after watching Nemo first reaction to Milo greeting him with a growl, I thought I was going to have to jump in... I assured the family that Milo would fit in just fine but they needed to be watched very closely till they felt comfortable with eachother. I told Jody (to her disbelief) Milo would rule after a short period of time. You can see here they are best friends and very happy together...

Thank you Jody for the wonderful pictures and know there are hundreds and hundreds of others who enjoy your pictures here as much as I do!