Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dash and Lil finally have a successful litter!

Dash:  "Every time I hear a puppy squeak, I run over to the pen to find out what's happening!  No one will let me help!  I'm a part of all this, too!"

Lil looks in: "How are my babies?"

Lil is a great mom, and her babies are getting fat!

Dash is owned primarily by my client Elaine Jong of Western Washington. He currently ranks amongst the top 10 Norwich and Terriers in the Nation for 2012. Dash and I have had great success in the ring. Here's to 2013!

Congratulations on your first litter Elaine!!!

Halloween all over North America...

Hi Chris,

Here we have a Secret Agent, Cheerleader & Little Red Riding-hood!

Hope you have a great Halloween!!

Hugs from the Peacocks!

Duffy wins.. again and again and again!

The winning never ends here at White Diamond Terriers!

Pictured here is Duffy owned by Steven and Robin Ryan of Western Washington. Initially it was not their desire to have Duffy shown, he was just supposed to be a good couch dog but with a little encouragement from his breeder Sandy Davis recommending my services as a handler look where he is now. Duffy took a 5 point major during the Terrier Specialty Weekend in Redmond Washington and three 3 point majors following that!!!
Duffy needs only one single point to finish out his AKC conformation title.

Do you think your couch warmer might have the talent to become an AKC Champion, there is only one way to find out.

Join the Team. White Diamond Terriers

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Balancing the monthly books can be hard work!

Henri working hard! After a hard days work, Henri likes to nap on the desk in the evenings.



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Almost... best man (man's best friend!) Doesnt get any better than this..

Hi Chris,

Just an update! It has been a while. Lloyd and I got married and Al was a special part of our day as he is every day. We are in love. He has gained a little weight and barely fit in his suit, but we made it work. He is now on a post wedding diet of chicken and rice.

I hope all is well.

Thank you!

Crystal Rude

I was overwhelmed by the pictures Crystal sent, who wouldnt be. Lloyd and Crystal make a wonderful couple and have the perfect family, Alec.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First of many Wins to come.... Nicki

My pride and joy!

White Diamonds Uniquely Dungeness

Nicki first time out shown here winning a Group 2 placement at a Puppy match in Wenatchee Washington. The following weekend winning Reserve Best in Match over 50 other dogs at the Gig Harbor KC. All this at 8 Months of age.

Nicki is owned by myself and Karen Whalen. She will be Owner/Breeder/Handled by myself and is out of
 Ch. Uniques Star Spangle Banner, whom I own with Karen and Grand Ch. Littlefields Dignpop Dashiell of Dungeness owned by Elaine Jong and Lee Little.

Nicki is a beautiful example of a Norwich Terrier for her age with everything it takes to be a top winning Champion.

BTW.... she has a brother by the name of Sunny. Stay tuned for more....

Noah has done some fantastic winning!

Noah is also currently being shown in AKC conformation events by myself and in a very short period of time has racked up 4 Majors leaving him 3 points to finish his Championship title. Noah is owned by Vicki and Ron Fulton of Yakima Washington and is the second Westie I have shown for them.

Join the White Diamond Terrier Team!!

Duffy is on a Run....

Duffy is owned by Robin and Steven Ryan of Sammamish Washington show here winning Best of Breed for his 3rd Major and later that afternoon being awarded a Group 4 placement making his owners very happy. Duffy started his winning career right off the bat with a 5 point major during the Terrier Specialty weekend at Redmond Washington. Duffy should finish his AKC conformation title in short order with ALL MAJORS!

Proof using myself, Christopher Larson as your future professional Terrier handler... Works!

Happy Birthday Henri!!!!

Hi Folks,

Hard to believe it but Henri turned 4-yo yesterday. Happy Birthday, Henri!!! We weren't sure we would have the opportunity to see him grow up and we have. Thank you to everyone that has joined us on this journey with Henri. Our entire family has been blessed by the community that has rallied around caring for Henri.

Henri enjoyed his birthday by celebrating with a special treat. Even on a limited ingredient can still celebrate! See pics.

Thank you,


Hope dad get's home soon.. What a handsome group of Norwich Terriers!


 Thank You Sylvia for sending a picture of Sunny, Teddy and your new little guy Bo! Here are the boys waiting for dad to come home. Now that's love and dedication!

The Sorrows and Joys of owning a Westie...

His sister Sara who was ranked #1 Westie girl in the United States in 2010 would be appalled at this state of cleanliness... All Westies enjoy a little romp in the mug after a grooming and bath... Don't they? Later you can See Milo trying to "kiss up" to a family member after his bath... Thanks Jody!