Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ch. White Diamonds Champangne is PREGNANT!

Hello everyone!

After all your patients I am happy to announce that it's most likely Dixie is packing puppies as she is starting to show. In just two weeks we will know how many she is carrying by way of x-ray or ultrasound. We are only part way through this journey as birth and the first few days of these little puppies lives are very crucial.

STAY TUNED and feel free to check in with me to show your continued interested in this litter. Stud dog pictures still to come. Here is a recent show picture of Dixie finishing her AKC conformation championship.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

FINALLY... Mom get's her new car!

After many month's of patients on my Mother's part she is finally able to take delivery of her 2004 Toyota Corolla S. I bought this car what seemed to be last summer after a long ordeal with it's owner who came about it in a round about way becasue it require paerwork to be completed by the State of Washington I knew it was going to take extra time. I had my top guy working on it... should I say sitting on it for many months as he was very busy with other clients but after much persistence and some strong arming he finished repairing it and the car turned out perfect just like every other car he has worked on for me, thank you Oleg. After talking to my Mother last weekend while I was up for the Seattle Kennel Club show she said the newness of a surprise had worn off and I was a little disappointed but could understand as I felt the same way. When my Mother arrived today and I asked her what she though after all this time she was very happy with it and the condition it was in. With only 24K miles on the odometer it looked almost new. I was very happy to see the smiles of excitement on her face.
I took my Mother out to a Thai restaurant that we had both enjoyed in the past during her past visits and were not disappointed. I got a kick out her her strategically seating herself so she could look at her car. We had a great meal with leftovers for my lunch the next two days so I was happy! When your Mother's happy, your happy so this story has a storybook ending.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time for some yard modifications...

Earlier this week I was the victim of too much trust with my crew. My youngest Westie Haley who was imported from Lymehills Kennels in the UK last year is my biggest digger. Haley is a niece to my champion stud dog Jack who was also imported from the same kennel years ago. Here is my opportunity to drop names... Jacks sire is UK Champion Hopecharms Willie Makeit for Karamyn, top winning and producing Westie for 2003 pictured here to the right.

I am working this weekend to repair Haley's favorite escape route under the fence gate. Today I was able to move the sod and dirt away from the gate but there was a heavy rain storm getting ready to come through and I had to stop for now. Looks like there may be another down pour on the way. Shown here is the grass and some of the dirt moved away from the fence but I had to block off the work area temporarily till I can get the pavers down. While I had the sod cutter I did some extra work in the front yard as well. Looks like it's time to restain the fence as well... I will have pictures of hte completed work hopefully up on Sunday.

Jack's Stud Service...

This weekend my champion Westie stud dog Jack is providing a stud service to Terry and Frances Nicholson's girl Bonita. Here is a picture of her from the winter of 2004. Bonita is a very pretty Westie with many nice attributes. Fingers crossed and we hope for the best! Jack has provided a number of quality stud services and has sired some very nice puppies who are being shown throughout the NW at this time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Seattle Kennel Club Show.

This past weekend Jack Rachel and I attended the Seattle Kennel Club Show to compete in conformation. It was very nice to discover two of Jack's daughter's in competition as well. One owned by our Puget Sound West Highland White Terrier Club President Sandy Davis and the other is owned by club member Becky Clyde (shown by handler Travis Leuton) who took the points on Sunday. We had a number of visitors including a few clients of mine throughout the weekend which made the time between competitions pass quickly. I brought my champion westie boy Jack out of a 3 year retirement to take Best Opposite Sex both days to Sandy Campbell's top winning girl who took a group 2 and a group 3 Saturday and Sunday. My norwich Rachel was not at her best on Saturday but won her class and went Reserve Winner Sunday to Lynn Davis's nice norwich girl who took the points both days. Gail Hersein went Best of Breed both days with her norwich champion boy Gus. Joan (Gail Mother) a few friends of there's and myself cheered him on in group competition both days as he showed very deserving of a placement but it was just not enough against the stiff competition of some of the top ranked Terriers in the country. Keep an eye out for Gus in the future, he is a very nice boy.