Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dash take Best of Breed both days at the stump cluster shows in Portland Oregon

Dash continues his winning ways shown here in Portland Oregon winning Best of Breed both days recently. Dash remains nationally ranked number 9 in the Country!

Emily opens her eyes..

Week three for Emily. Her eyes are open and she is just finishing up her crawl/walk moving onto the full walk/scramble!As you can by the red staining she has found her Mom's sweet spot feeding regularly now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleeping Beauty!

Ok. To all who have been asking for Emily photos here she is... Sleeping Beauty!

At just over 2 weeks old Emily is almost 12oz. which is a far cry from her slender beginnings. Emily is now a very healthy eater and her Mother Sara has come around to understand her responsibilities.

As she is an only child I have grown very attached to her and hope she will be my next #1 owner/breeder handled Westie in the Nation, just like her Mother!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your looking at the #1 owner/breeder handled Westie in the N A T I O N!!!! and her first puppy Emily...

My girl, Champion White Diamonds Sweet Sara has just been award the title of #1 owner/breeder handled West Highland White Terrier in the NATION!!! That's right, the NATION!

I was very excited to receive this news as you can imagine. Sara and I did a great deal of winning to get to her championship title at an unheard of one year of age. She took five Best of Breeds and four major points finishing in no time.

Now, the important stuff. As you can see Sara has her very first puppy Emily at just a week of age. Motherhood has not been a easy adjustment for Sara but things are getting better daily.

Keep them in your prayers and check back for new picture of Emily as she grows up...

Ohhhh Canada!

Hi Chris,

I have been meaning to send this photo to you! I took it back in May, but
thought it was pretty cute of your Canadian Gals!!


Always my best to you and your family...

New AKC conformation Champion!

Another new AKC conformation champion! Ch.DESTINY'S ISABELLA EXPRESS Professionally presented by myself Christopher Larson. Izzy is owned by Ron and Vicki Fulton of Yakima Washington. She finished her title with 3 Best of Breeds and 3 major points, all in a course of 5 weekends. Izzy was a pleasure to show for the Fulton family. How bout you? Do you have a worthy future champion in your backyard....?

Become part of the White Diamond Terrier team!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lexi and Milo enjoy a Canadian sunset...

Both Lexi and Milo reside with two different clients of mine in Kelowna Canada. I love all the pictures you guys send!!!

Lexi and Milo had a lovely evening together last night.

Here is a shot of them enjoying the sunset by the pool.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Frankie and Lynn join the Westie club of Mercer Island Washington

Hi Chris!

We just joined this great group of Westie's from Mercer Island. Not only are there 13 in this club, but I know of 5 more who may be interested in joining.

Frankie is getting really big, so far 10 lbs. 6 oz. She is a love! I will send photos soon.



Hi Everyone

Great turnout for the parade! We had 13 proud dogs and lots of smiling owners and friends. I was sorry that Bridget (who is 15 and got carried through the parade) was not in the photo because she may not be with us next year. But, a new little puppy has joined for next year, so our group continues to grow. Remember new Westie members do not have to live on MI, so keep getting contact info for new Westies you meet and forward it to me for our list. Great job everyone! miriam and bill beck

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Teddy and Tug.... go fishing too!

Hi Chris, I thought you’d like to see how a real terrier hunting team is shaping up and what Tug and Theodora are capable of accomplishing when working together. Enjoy

What REAL Terriers hunt!

In response to the previous Milo fishing video from my wonderful clients in Canada comes this video titled....

What real Terriers hunt! :- )

Totaly hilarious!
Thanks Michelle and Phil.

btw, these are both puppies I bred.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Milo.. catch and release training..OMG!


At first I was so shocked any puppy of mine would grab a fish, guess its just a matter of desire and MIlo's animal

Hi Chris,

Milo is enjoying another beautiful, BC summer with our family. He's been cottaging the last week and enjoying swimming, chasing Canadian geese and most recently, has taken up fishing. He can't get enough. His official job is now to put throw backs, back into the lake. Check out the video of him and a squaw fish taken last night.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bart chimes in on the 4th of July.

Bart loves our place on Lake Tapps.

Seen here panting after a jog around the place with Emily.

Thanks for checking in Bart!

Moore Puppies!!!! Literally....

OK, cutest puppy picture contestents, agreed?

These two little monsters... uhhh lovely puppies are owned by Phil and Michelle in Kirkland Washington. There is obvious beauty here provided by there parents and hopefully we may see them in the show ring sometime in the future. Teddy, the Westie was the smallest girl from a litter of four. Tug was a litter of one. Obviously these two look for trouble averywhere they go, as they have been attending obedience.. or defience class there manors should improve for there owners but I am sure it doesnt keep them from chasing each other around the house and at all hours of the evening...

Thanks Phil and Michelle for being such wonderful owners, see ya soon!

Dash and Lil, waiting for the next great adventure.

Don't let the calm cool ..., ok.. board appearance fool you, look at these two! You would hardly believe the boy on the left is the #9 Norwich Terrier in the Nation and his side kick Lil is just dieing to get back into the show ring and strut her stuff. Dash and Lil are owned by a very nice client of mine by the name of Elaine Jong. Elaine is the President of Team Dashie Keep an eye out for these two, they will be coming to an AKC conformation event near you very soon.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dash goes to Cali and the GWTA.

Great Western Terrier Association is an annual event sponsored by the AKC in Long Beach California in a the beautiful settling of Queen Mary Park...

It was a tuff two days competing against the #3 Norwich Terrier in the country. Dash gave it his all both days but having to settle for Select placements both days. Select is a new placement award catagory the AKC has come up with to get more champion dogs to be shown past the championship status's.

Doc having fun in the sun!

Hi Chris!

Here is a recent picture. We are entered in the earthdog trial in Kent at the beginning of July. He is much more intense than he was at 6 months so beware the rat!

He continues to be my best buddy!

Thanks Melinda for making Doc such a wonderful home!

Dash takes Best of Breed all four days and another Group 2 placement, this time in Spokane/CDA.

Dash's winning ways continue at the Spokane Washington/Cour D Alene AKC conformation dog shows. Shown here with judge Ed Haas posing for our Group 2 picture and narrowly loosing to the #1 Terrier in the nation Dash has been able to retain his #9 National Breed raking with with a limited amount of appearances. Dash's owners and I are very happy with his placements so far and hope for many more in upcoming events.