Friday, May 20, 2011

Milo looking his best!

Hi Chris.

hope all is well.
last weekend was the kelowna westie walk.
we had milo groomed, and tried to let his hair grow out so he'd look his best.
to make a long story short, the kids were too exhausted and bailed on the walk at the last minute.
We're left with a very handsome dog that likes to mountain bike, hike and run and is a mud magnet.
He's back at the groomers right now getting his summer shave.
I tried! ;^)
Jody and the Pihls

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big girl goes home....

It's been a hard year for the Kloppenburg family but now they have there new puppy. Show here with Chase and her friend Jason on a sunny day in Western washington on her way home to the family. Big girl shares her time between family member so you know she gets everything she needs.

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed a White Diamond Terrier into there home!!


Speedy goes home...

Speedy resides in Kirkland Washington woth her owners Phil and Michelle Moore. I happened to be a little early missing Phil but Michelle was very excited to welcome Teddy into there home. From what I here so far she has lived up to her name quite well...hehe GO SPEEDY~!

The little 4 week old Norwich puppy is Tug, he still has some growing up to do but he will be joining Teddy in the Moore household when he is old enough.

Haley puppies go home...

Pinky Coverdale's mother Joy came from California to get her and take her home. Joy is a wonderful owner who has added a puppy to her existing Westie household. Here is another owner who if I passed away and came back as a Westie I would want to live with this woman.

Thank you Joy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Izzy and I find BIG success in Lewiston Idaho!

Izzy is owned by Vicki and Ron Fulton of Yakima Washington. As there handler we recently attended an AKC 4 day event and came home winners! Show here winning Best Of Breed from the classes over the champion dog for her second of the two required majors that weekend with Judge Ed Bivin, My clients were very happy people!!