Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grizz loves Sunday Night Football!

One of my three 7 week old puppies.

Grizz has a visitor and will be show in AKC Conformation!

Ashley was very happy to meet her new boy Grizz whom she will be showing in AKC conformation in the future.  Though he isn't old enough to go home all three boys really enjoyed her visit.
Here is Ashley in action today. Golden Retrievers are her first breed but she has had a desire for a Norwich Terrier for some time. Her boy champion Sam is a wonderful example of his breed, Ashley started many years ago in 4-H and does an excellent job in the ring.

Ch. White Diamonds Sun of Dungeness takes Group 4 at Richland KC

After 2 years of being out of the ring and first time back in Sunny takes a group 4 placement at the Richland Kennel Club show! Guess he may see a few more shows in his future... 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A little action photography of Nicki's puppies.

 Grizz has red puppy pinned!
 Red puppy chewing on my "protective foot ware"
Bart pushing red puppy out of the way for a selfie.

Nicki's puppies are 6 weeks old now... time flies.

Top to bottom you have Bart the black and tan puppy, Grizz, the grizzle in color puppy and at the bottom is the red puppy boy.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nicki's boys finally make it into the kitchen for action shots.

Top pictures show the large Grizzle boy on the left and Red boy on the right. Lower picture has Grizzle boy on the left and Black and Tan puppy boy on the right.