Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here is something you don't see every day...

As I said... Your seeing Peanut and her arch enemy, my 4 month old Westie Katie trying to "just get along". Katie must be pretty worn out as I had just finished grooming her and wanted a little company on this Saturday night. Very cute, don't you think?

If you look closely you will see the hair shaved off the back of Peanut's neck. Two weeks ago Peanut and my pregnant Westie Haley had a disagreement and poor Peanut took the worst of it. She is doing pretty well after 4 vet visits and two nights at the vet hospital. You cant put a price on love... Peanut is 13 years old and the love of my life, I would do anything for her! Please wish her a speedy recovery and long life.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gracie at 6+ weeks old and counting...

Is this not the cutest puppies you have seen in some time? Gracie was the only puppy from my two champions Jack and Madison. I spend many tireless hours bottle feeding Gracie as Madison did not seem to have any nutrients in her own milk, though it did not stop her from taking excellent care of Gracie. Madison still desires to be with Gracie regularly in her puppy pen even though she has a full set of chompers. I still catch Gracie trying to nurse and Madison puts up with it because she loves her so much.

Madison is fully retired now and joins a few of my other girls awaiting a wonderful retirement home to live out there lives resting on the couch as they should be.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Queen of the Hill!

Lexi is definatly Queen of the snow hill! Up in the great white North you will find snow, snow and more snow! Isn't she so cute posing for her second picture.
From what I understand Lexi really runs the roost around the house. I think Corring is try to be nice be hiding what really going on here.. Look at these pictures, what do you see? I see a puppy who likes to be the center of attention ALL the time.
Corrine chimes in:
Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you in on a few pics of Lexi and the girls!!! There has been a lot of snow-play going on around here as it seems to keep coming!!! Lexi loves the snow and really enjoys running after the girls and chasing snow balls. She is quite a character for sure!!! I have also included a few of photos of Tess and Lexi coloring!!! Lexi loves to torment Tess, lay on the paper and chew on the markers, trying to get a little attention. Tess will just give Lexi one on "her" toys and say "here, chew on this!!" Lexi loves her back yard and enjoys spending time chasing the quail and running along the paths Brent has made for her in the back. She is an absolute light in our home and my favorite part of the day is our snuggle on the couch before bed. Lexi is an energetic, loving little soul and we are so glad to have her! We have signed her up for puppy classes starting Feb. 4th. I am really looking forward to this special time to further bond with her and to help her become the well mannered, obedient girl I know that she will be.

Bella's Birthday Party

It was time for Ella annual birthday bash! You can see Bella and her brother Henri at the window awaiting there guests!

In the background of the picture where Bella is opening a present she has tons of friends in attendance for her party!

You know it has to be exausting participating in all that excitement. Henri is passed out from all the excitement of hte day and Bell is resting quietly out side of his crate.

Bella is very good at opening her presents when the opportunity arises!

Jeff and Ella are the responsible culprits who put on this Birthday party and a few other organized events for Bella and Henri's furry friends.

It appears Henri may have a show career ahead of him if Jeff and Ella are willing. He is a very striking young man...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happiness for EVERYONE!

We have a happily ever after story... This is Piper, the Westie Dawn (from our local pet over population) and I rescued in Richland Washington. I got him cleaned up and ready to fly to Seattle to be adopted. Here is a short email from Karin representing Seattle pure breed rescue:

Just a followup on the Westie you found running around in Eastern WA. Chris cleaned him up and we shipped him via Air to Seattle. He was neutered, micro chipped and dental done on Wed. He was adopted out today.

He was a JOY to be around. He is housebroken, very well mannered, and got along great with all my dogs. He sings, and wags his tail so much he could be sunshine in a bottle.

His new owners are a single mom with a 10 yr old daughter, and they want to get him into agility and do 4H dog shows, and agility. He will have a lovely home in Issaquah and have people who adore him. I am very happy with the placement.

Enjoy ..


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tess is very happy in her new home!

Another beautiful Norwich Terrier... don't you agree? Tess resides across a residential lake from her litter brother near Sammamish Washington. They regularly get to play together on weekend which is wonderful for them. Pam obviously takes great care of Tess shown here with her favorite bone. Here is a brief email I received with the picture:
Hi and Happy New Year! Tess is doing great. We almost have her potty trained and we're going to puppy training classes. Here's a recent picture with one of her favorite toys.
Thank you Pam!

Coco is growing up!

No one is luckier than I am... I have the best clients in the world! I want to take a second to thank each and everyone of you for the wonderful homes you provide for my puppies!!!
I think we have a little competition going on for cutest puppy here. Coco now resides in Calgary Canada and as you can see she is gorgeous. Here is an email from her new owners:

Hi Chris,

I love seeing all the Westie pictures on your site lately, but I thought you could use some Norwich ones too! At almost 7 months of age, it feels like Coco has always been a part of our family. She's so active, it's hard to get her to pose, so besides the one still shot, I'm sending a couple of action shots too - one of her and Riley looking out the front window, where they like to watch for rabbits and cars, and another of her licking the dishes in the dishwasher (note the tongue). She's the first one there, ready to help us clean off the dishes as soon as she hears the door open! She can usually coax Riley into a daily play session now, and she's not minding the snow so much now that the temperature has warmed up.

Happy New Year, and I hope all is well with you and your dogs!
Don't you want to be part of the White Diamond Terrier family?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Molly's puppies reunited in show form!

Well look what a lot of hard work has to show... At the top we have Lexi, in the middle is Henri and at the bottom is my girl Katie.
At about4-5 months old it is very difficult to get a puppy stand still much less pose is a show position but I was able to talk Molly's puppy owners into giving it there best try and were very successful as you can see with very little training... I honestly believe each one of these puppies are deserving of and AKC conformation title. Sandy Davis's Dino and my Molly produced some wonderful conformation and temperament for sure, how handsome and cute can you get?
I want to thank each of there owners for the wonderful homes they have provided to Molly's puppies and great friendships we have started. Best of luck to each of these puppies and feel free to check back in to watch them grow up!

Madison and Gracie

Madison is so proud of her little puppy Gracie! As you can see Gracie's cute little face here she is very curious to see what all the lights were about. She is finally off the feeding bottle and eating gruel with supplement from Madison as well. She has a great appetite.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gracie grows up!

Gracie is all of 4 weeks old now and doing very well. So well in fact I found her out of the whelping box again tonight. Her mother Madison is wanting to spend more time out and about now playing with the others but still attends to her puppies every need. Gracie really chows down on her gruel (dog food and goats milk with esbalac) as you can see for yourself. She motors around in the whelping box and can be a little harder to catch these days for her bottle feeding.. I know your thinking "bottle feeding at 4 weeks old" ok, what can I say, I am a sucker for babying Gracie and enjoy bottle feeding her still. I suspect she will be in her new diggs, a puppy pen by mid week. I want to give her a little more time to strengthen her legs for the grading in the pen. Gracie is a very strong 17oz. now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Westie Rescue!

We have branched out to help dogs in need here at White Diamond Terriers!
Pictured here is a local rescue Westie by the name of Piper, of course this was after I spent 1.5hrs cleaning him up and grooming him!!!
Piper is 5 years old and was purchased for breeding purposes two years ago by a local woman wanting to make extra money. She decided she had no time for him and locked him away in the garage. Piper was found two days ago in four lane traffic in Richland Washington after he had escaped from the person walking him. A woman from POPP (pet over population prevention) called Seattle pure bred rescue and they in turned called me as I had made a charitable contribution last year and care deeply for my breeds! Tonight we went over and collected Piper from his owner, I got him home and cleaned up so he will be ready to fly to Seattle this weekend where pure breed rescue will find him the perfect home. I will have pictures of course when he meets his new owners. Piper was not abused except for maybe lack of attention and needing some grooming, what a hairy monster he was! He is a real charmer and loves attention. If you have been following my blog regularly you will know my 12 year old Norwich Terrier Peanut. I sent Peanut out to play with him after his bath and grooming. It was kind of funny to watch them say hello... sniffing each other like only dogs can do. Piper must have thought Peanut was fair game for breeding but Peanut let him know in no certain terms she was not interested and put him in his place! lol

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Madison and Gracie

Is this not CUTE! Gracie is just over 3 weeks old now and 12.5oz which is wonderful. I was just checking in on the two of them and this is what I found so I had to get a picture of them together. I still supplement Gracie with a bottle but its much more of a fight now as she wants to play and chew on the nipple of the bottle more than drink its contents. She stands on her back legs and really works the bottle after she is done playing. She is up on all fours wondering around her box looking for an exit but luckily she is still to small to get out.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lexi's ski trip continued....

If these pictures are not suited for framing I don't know what would be... Check out this doggy outfit with the extra front legs, quite impressive !

How many Westie puppies do you know that will ride a sled alone???

Some truly wonderful pictures and I am sure they did not come easily either!!!

Lexi's Christmas! and ski trip.

Happy New Year!! And a happy belated Christmas!!! We have been crazy busy since my last e-mail of Dec. 16th and I have been meaning to e-mail and let you know that all is well!!! Lexi had a great first Christmas and was spoiled rotten by our friends, family and even Santa!! The girls have found a new use for their "Build-a-Bear" clothing and Lexi is looking forward to the day when she no longer can fit into them!!! She is very patient and doesn't seem to mind the clothing once it is on!!! We hosted the "Peacock Family Christmas" this year and our new baby was definitely the hit of the party. She has several photo ops and many cuddles. On the 27th we headed up to Big White to ski and Lexi was a seasoned pro on the trip and in her new surroundings for the three nights. She fits in very well with our family and enjoys the girls to pieces!!! You will see in a few of the shots that she is on the girls sled, she just hops on all by herself and loves to be pulled around!!! Lexi has settled into our routine and only gets up once in the night for a "potty break". She loves to lounge on our bed with us and snuggle in her pink bed. She is getting used to the neighbourhood and loves to play on the big snow hill in front of our house with the girls. Tess had a sleep over at a friends and Lexi followed her around, talking to her for quite a while, letting her know that she had missed her. Lexi and Tess definitely have a real connection. Hope you had a great Christmas and festive New year!! We were looking at your blog today and enjoyed seeing Henri's Christmas photos and little Gracie!!! Enjoy the photos!!! Cheers, Corrine

Winston, Auggie and family..

Winston is our just over year old Westie pup who we adopted from White Diamond Terriers last fall. His parents, Jack and Molly, would be proud because he has grown into quite the little gentlemen. He knows all his basic commands and is working on getting better on the grooming table for Mom. Winston is an incredibly playful dog and LOVES toys, particularly anything that squeaks or talks back at him. When his older brother Augie is too tired to play, Winston entertains himself by throwing toys across the room with his mouth and chasing after them. Poking his head out the car window and smiling at other cars is by far his favorite activity. Despite their difference in size and age (Augie is 68lbs and about 10 yrs old), the two of them wrestle and chase each other all over the house on a regular basis like a couple of puppies.

Happy New Year! Gracie's first meal

Look what we have here... after 3 weeks of bottle supplement night and day Gracie is getting her first taste of semi solid food. New this may not look very appetising to you or I but it;s heaven to a little girl who has only been drinking milk! It's a mixture of ground dog food and goat's milk warmed up mmm mmm mmm... This mixture was a little doughy for Gracie so I wet it down and she went to town on it. I would have taken the after eating shots but it was quite a mess as you may imagine. Trust me, Madison was more than eager to get in there and clean things up.

Haley NEWS.

Later next week I get have a blood test for Haley to predict pregnancy.


May all your dreams and desires come true in 2009.