Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things are looking up... for Henri

Dear Friends and Family,Henri is doing well. In fact, you might not even know he is sick except for his large ziplock of medications. He learned that squirrels exist this week and that has been his big highlight. Now, he knows why his sister is constantly glued to the window--she is on squirrel patrol.Also, this week, Henri's hormones have really kicked in making him extremely frisky. Being fixed will not be an option until he is completely weaned off of his medications. So knowing his sister has a zero-tolerance policy, also known as, I will rip your face hair off if you try that with me, I set out to find an outlet for him. Being Easter season, I went shopping for a Westie-sized Easter bunny. Let me just leave at, Henri is very much enjoying his new love, a huge white bunny ;)This week, we begin the next big hurdle for Henri, the medication weaning process starts Tuesday. We will be decreasing his cyclosporin dose. This hurdle is just as critical to his outcome, as all the others he has won thus far. His immune system must remain stable or "behave" as the internist said, as we remove these immunosuppressive medications. One week after each reduction, he will have a bloodcheck to monitor for relapse or more frequently if we feel something is wrong.Keep praying for No Relapse.
Warmly,Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Baby Henri

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Henri's story... from his own Perspective!

Please view this link and see what Henri thought of his entire experience....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gracie is fitting in nicely..

Gracie is growing up fast in her new home. She has leaned most of the tricks to get what she wants when she wants it from her new owners.

In the words of Pat, her owner...

Hi Chris, I hope these pictures get to you! Gracie is an absolute love and we are having so much fun with her! I will be sending more as we have been taking lots of pictures. Gracie is so good and loves her garden, sister Juliette and brother Willy! They are getting along great and Gracie steals all the toys for herself!!! They all had a good time for St. Patricks Day and wore their special collars and fun walks! It is my daughter Susan Patricks birthday as well, so lots of celebrating!! Pat

Monday, March 16, 2009

Henri's latest update...

Hi Family and Friends,
Henri is growing like a weed. It is hard to believe a puppy can actually grow with all the medication he is taking...but he is. Henri goes to the Critical Care Hospital for his blood work tomorrow. Then we have a family meeting with the internist on Wednesday afternoon. We are hoping that Henri's labs will be good and we can begin the medication tapering process. Keep praying: Good Labs. No Relapse.We consulted with a blood disorder specialist, Dr Jean Dodds, a researcher and vet in Southern California. She was very helpful and agreed with his treatment plan. She, also, said Henri has had amazing treatment and was very lucky to have such knowledgable vets--that saved his life. We were happy to hear that younger animals tend to have a better prognosis--that made Mama and Papa very happy.The photo attached, I took yesterday...Henri found the one spot of sun by the front door. Great photo!
Enjoy,Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Baby Henri

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lauren checks in, all grow up...

Lauren was re homed as a puppy due to unforeseen issues with a family and neighborhood association. For some reason Ralph and his sister Lauren loved squirls running through the tree's and varmints in the area. Naturally they wanted everyone to know about there find but the neighbors were not too wild about the vocal ability of this brother and sister pair. Unfortunately they could not be placed as a pair but they do have WONDERFUL homes now!
Today I received email from Lauren's new owner Carissa that made my week! In her own words..
Hi Chris!
Just wanted to let you I really enjoy checking out your blog. I hope
you continue to breed Westie's and Norwich's for years to come.
We just love Lauren and are so happy to have her. She's so patient
and well behaved and sleeps with me every night.
We had to put down our family dog this past fall and we replaced her
with a mini schnauzer. So we still have a black dog and a white dog,
but they're of similar size now. They really enjoy playing together
and are great friends. They sure have a great life getting to play all
with my mom, while I'm off at work. I am so lucky to have found
Lauren. She is the most friendly and sociable dog I know. The moment
I sit down she instantly wants to be sitting in my lap. Any where I
take her she gets complimented on her confirmation and beauty and
everyone wants to pet her. She really is the best dog!
THANK YOU Carissa for making a wonderful home for Lauren...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haley's puppies are 6 weeks old!

It's hard to believe but Haley and Jack's puppies are 6 weeks old now. They are full of themselves and having a great time chasing there mother around the kitchen looking for food...

At 6 weeks they have plenty of teeth so mom is not too keen on the idea of feeding her puppies by herself. The puppies have a great appetite and are so much fun at this age romping, wrestling and surprisingly enough are not too interested in my slippers yet so I may actually get to keep a pair!
Your probably wonder who is who.. The top puppy is the little girl, the second puppy is the bigger girl and the last or bottom puppy is the boy.
I have had a number of requests for pictures but have been waiting on my photographer as these guys are just too big for me to "hold and shoot". I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy posting them for you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleeping Angel...

Henri has a favorite bunny he dearly loves especially when he is happy and at peace. From the Ella's words...

"Henri fell asleep suckling his bunny. Simple and Sweet.Enjoy" ,Ella

Today is day 14 of Henri's recovery and the progress report is fantastic. Please take a moment to review his progress today.

We had more good news today. Here is a summary of our good news so far:1) Henri's hematocrit is rising. It rose from 30 (Friday) to 34% (yesterday).2) He is making lots of new red blood cells, a sign that his bone marrow is responding appropriately to his anemic state.3) He is tolerating his medications.4) He had NO AGGLUTINATION!! For the first time since crisis, Henri has no signs of agglutination--that means his immune system has stopped attacking his red blood cells. Prayers do do Mantras :)Henri has beat every challenge that has faced him. He has been true to his tough terrier blood. Our next hurdle, is to wean him very slowly off of each medication and see no relapse. This next hurdle will be a couple month process. Only one drug will be reduced at a time and each reduction will occur in 25% increments. We have 3 main drugs (cyclosporine, AZT, and prednisone) that need to be weaned in this fashion---so that will take a minimum of 12 weeks before he will can be drug-free. This process is our last main hurdle to know Henri's final outcome.Henri goes back for a blood check and internal medicine appointment in one week. I will continue to send update on Henri's progress but they will likely be 1-2/wk, as we will not be getting new labs as frequently. We appreciate all your support. Keep praying for progress and NO relapse. I have attached from photos I took today-one is of Henri taking a nap with his toys--another is Henri suckling his stuffed bear (yes, he is bias, he only suckles white stuffed animals--white like his Mommy)--and the last one is Henri, Bella, and Humphrey sunbathing on our back deck. Enjoy!Warmly,Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Baby Henri

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gracie settles into her new home...

Hello White Diamond Terrier blog followers!
I finally have some pictures of little Gracie who was sired by our Champion Jack and Champion Madison (who is now retired). She has definitely taken over at her new home running Pat's two dog's, a king Charles Spaniel and Wheaten Terrier to the brink on occasion but it's to be expected with this little girl. She will have everyone trained in no time. This is What Pat had to say today..
Hi Chris, It is very hard to get Gracie still long enough to take a picture, but this is in our dining room. She romps with Juliette and Willy! Boy oh boy is she starving! I will be at Dr. Rockwells, Atlantic Vet., on Wednesday and will let you know how wonderful they all say she is!! Will get more pictures!!!
Does she not look happy and settled in?
Best wished Pat and I will see you in July!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Henri and Bella Get a special vistor...

As described by Ella Henri's owner...

Friends and Family,
Henri had a special visit from his breeder, Chris Larson (Uncle Chris). I think he remembered his Uncle, as he gave him LOTS of terrier kisses. While Chris was holding Henri, Bella decided she would not be left out and joined in, filling Chris's lap. We all enjoyed the visit, as it has been a tough 10-days on everyone. Chris and Sandy Davis have been priceless in supporting us through this crisis. Our family could not have made this journey without their support. Thank you!!Warmly,Ella, Jeff, Bella, and Baby Henri
I want to personally than Ella and Jeff for allowing me to travel by air to visit with them.. I had planned a trip over but the mountain passes where not cooperating so Jeff and Ella offered me a round trip flight Saturday to visit with them.. The visit was all to short as we had many thing to talk about and never enough time...
As you may or may not know Henri was a very sick little 5 month old puppy diagnosed almost two weeks ago with a potential immune disease that was coating his red blod cells and basically clotting his blood. Red blood cells deliver oxygen and without them you cannot survive, it almost ended Henri's life. Thanks to Ella recognising Henri not feeling well and modern medicine Henri has made great progress in his recovery. He still has times when he feels very tired and is on so many medications it's not funny, but he is a little trooper and will not quit. Slowly Henri will be weined off his meds in time but as you can imagine the cost is staggering. "Saving Henry" is an email Ella puts out to all that are concerned for his well being which is a regular update with pictures. Donations can also be made to assist in his recovery through the WHWTCOPS website where there is a link at the bottom of the front page. So far we have raised about a third of his expenses and would love to here from you if not finacially moral support is ALWAYS welcome! Feel free to email Ella and Jeff directly at They are wonderful couple and Henri is in under the best care available...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gracie goes home....

Sad for me but another great home for a White Diamond Terrier puppy! Jim and Pat Ayer came all the way from Marblehead Massachusetts to retrieve the new love of there lives... Gracie.
We had a great time over wonderful meals talking about family and life experiences so far... Jim and Pat are one of a kind inviting me to join them and there family anytime which I hope to take them up on this summer. They family photo's, the tradition of there neighborhood and proximity to so much history, who could resist.
I am proud to tell the world and my thousands of monthly readers "I truly have the best clients anyone could ask for". Thank you all for your patients, time and communication.
There will be many great upcoming spring photo's from all my clients. I really do believe it is still on the way... During these difficult times and especially during winter it's hard to be positive but I know my attitude starts to change when the weather starts to change.. Yours will too.