Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Henri needs help......

Hi Folks,
As some of you know, Henri has been ill with an unknown GI problem for a few months. We have run many tests, ruling out numerous ailments. We have not found the cause of his stomach problems. With each episode, the symptoms come on more quickly and are more severe. The latest, episode started with vomiting on Sunday and has progressed to no eating or drinking. He is on anti-nausea meds, stomach coating agents, Prilosec, etc.....but is uncomfortable.Today, we started pain meds and I am trying to keep him hydrated by springing water into his mouth. His internal medicine vet, Dr Beth Herman, would like to do an endoscopy to see what is happening in his stomach. Henri is an unusual dog, as you all know, and nothing about his presentation this time is straight forward. He could have some type of rare infection (fungal, yeast, bacterial??), inflammatory bowel disease of the stomach, or cancer. If you are willing or able to assist our family with the endoscopy, please call Summit Veterinary Referral Center at (253)983-1114. The account is under Jeff and Ella Neumann. The patient is Henri Neumann. Prayers are appreciated.
Ella Selfridge-Neumann

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