Monday, March 19, 2012

Alec continues to settle in..

Seems as if there is a common theme in his update pictures...

We are loving little Al. Every single day he gets better and better. He is a completely different dog from the one we brought home last week. This morning he didn’t have a single accident. The first morning thus far. He has done great during the day and an night. I am so proud. He is warming up to Lloyd and not peeing when he pets him. Yesterday Lloyd said that our condo actually feels like a home. J

After a 3 mile walk, we brought Al over to a friend’s house and they have a 16 month old Labradoodle. I had Al on my lap and the other dog kept coming over in hopes that Al had changed his mind about playing with him and Al started growling and showing his teeth. It was the first time I saw him stick up for himself. I was happy for him.

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