Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Henri needs help.

Dear Friends of Henri,
As you know, we have been battling secondary infections off and on with Mr. Henri over the past several months. With diligent topically care (3x/wk medicated bathes, 2x/day medicated wipes, 2x day topical medicine, etc), we have been able to keep things at bay. However, over the weekend, we found an infection on one of his toes. And a few days later, we found a large area underneath his collar. My instincts told me that we were losing the control. We hate to resort to oral antibiotics with Henri because they unset his fragile tummy….but we had to. So yesterday, we started oral antibiotics and to help get him through the series, the docs added an anti-nausea medication. Fingers and paws crossed….he is tolerating things so far. On the humorous side of all of this…and you do need humor to pull yourself through…Jeff bought me a headlight at REI so I can clearly see what I am doing and use both my hands. Henri as always…endures it well and forgives quickly. Sigh! Please to send prayers to Mr. Henri…we need these skin infections to heal up.
In early February, we will make the trek to Tacoma to see his internal medicine vet. A while ago, she told us that she did not want him to have 2-3 secondary infections a year…we have surpassed that so I don’t know what that means. Will let you know when we find out.
While Mommy and Daddy are tired from all the vet visits and treatments, Henri continues to be his happy, bouncy self. Playing all evening with his favorite toy—the loopy and dragging his beloved stuffed bunny all over the house. From Henri’s perspective life is great and wonderful….attitude is everything, right?
On the financial side of things, we did not receive any “extra” donations from non-members this holiday season. These “extra” donations truly do help keep the Fund going for Henri. Please consider either a donation to the Fund or directly to Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. Also, if you know of anyone that would be willing to join the Fund membership, please, pass my contact info along.  While Henri responds well to treatment…he requires lots of ongoing vet visits and medications. Thank you for considering this.
To HHMF Fund Members: A quarterly statement will follow this update within the next week. Thank you for your continued support.
Photo 1: Henri sleeping in the toy box.
Photos 2:    Henri monitoring Dad doing reconstructive surgery on his beloved bunny.
Thank you! Prayers Please!!
Ella and Henri

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