Sunday, April 22, 2012

Henri's Easter Update

Dear Friends and Family, This last week, Henri went for a followup visit to see his internist, Dr Herman. We weren't suppose to go until the end of the month but things have not gone as smoothly as we had hoped. Our attempts to lower his Prednisone to a "safe" dose failed to hold the Crohn's Disease in remission. We tried Budesonide, a more potent steroid but our first attempt with it, also, failed. The internist felt that Henri's Crohn's Disease will require steroids for life to hold in remission. In light of that, we have decided to add in another immune modulating drug to assist us in lowering the steroid dose (either Prednisone or Budesonide) to a "safe" level for long-term use. We added Azathioprine on Tuesday. In 4-weeks, we will attempt to taper the Prednisone again and hope Azathioprine assists us in achieving our goal of less than 2.5mg/day Prednisone. Prayer Please!! Henri is feeling good. Other than his coat being thin, you would not know the little guy has so much going on. He is such a fun, happy, loving little guy. I am disappointed for him that this disease will require meds for life. Henri is a fighter though...his true terrier blood has helped him push forward against all odds. On the fundraising front, the official Helping Henri Medical Fund is moving forward. We have a solid core membership which has made this novel idea--a success. Additionally, we have some other fundraising ideas that will hopefully contribute to the Fund. The first official Fund financial statement will come to members in May. Thank you to everyone that has Helped Henri and our family continue this journey! Attached are some photos from our Westie Easter Egg hunt. Henri, Bella and Charlie (Henri's half brother) had lots of fun opening the eggs. Bella's egg opening technique consists of smashing it with her paw. Henri and Charlie seemed to prefer to crack them open with their mouths. You will see in the photos that Bella is a Pro--We eventually had to hold her back so the boys could get some--She wasn't too happy about that either. Enjoy! Warmly, Ella Helping Henri Medical Fund "The Mission of this community is to help support Henri's medical costs and prevent the termination of his life due to finances alone."

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