Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pinkie check in from California

Good Morning,

It is two years today since I flew to Pasco to meet you and pick up Pinkie
Murphy.  She continues to be a wonderful, happy girl.  I have gotten pretty
good at stripping her fur however do take her to Napa for a real expert
stripping about every three months.  All is well here and believe it or not
I still have Lulu (she will be 18 years old on 10/6/13).  She was having
kidney failure and my vet has her taking  1/2 capsule of calcium   acetate
(human medicine) and some Chinese herbs.  She is doing much better and is
very frail - lots of carrying her up and down stairs.  She plays a little
with Pinkie and Pinkie is very protective of her and when I look for her for
dinner I ask Pinkie "Where is Lulu" and she leads me right to her.  I told
Lulu when I was growing up my mother said the girls in my family (6 girls)
were not allowed to leave home until they were 18 and then only to go to
college.  So I guess Lulu listened when she was a pup and when she is gone I
am going to pretend she has gone to college! 

Pinkie is still the delight of her doggie plan group.  She is picked up
twice a week in a wonderful van with the company name - Dog Play Dog with a
big dog logo by a sweet older man named Nick  and she is standing by the
gate ready to go - leaves at ten and returns at 2:30 - if I am not home he
puts in the side gate (he has a key ) and she goes into the house from her
dog door on the back porch.

II am still working part time - I take Pinkie to the complex I manage and
the tenants love her.  I even take her to lease negotiating meetings and she
sits  in a chair and listens.  A couple of weeks ago when I was having a
serious discussion regarding lease terms with large microwave defense
contractor she put her paws and the edge of the conference room table as if
to say - "We need to come to a meeting of the minds here".
As you can see I love her very much and she has so enriched my life..  I
continue to thank God that you let me have her.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Nancy and Pinkie Murphy

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