Sunday, September 8, 2013

Molly...Ollie goes home....

Molly is now Ollie. The Warner family has been in close contact (as that has been how I have made most off of my puppy placements) for some time and it was time for there visit through Eastern Washington with a special stop here. There... well neither of use were expecting Molly to go anywhere but at 5 months old it was time for me to decide if she was going to stay here as a show dog or go to a wonderful forever home. Molly is more a lover and couch dog than a show dog so I decided she would make a better family pet. The Warner family was pretty surprised to have such an oportunity to welcome her into there home but after a night of consideration at there final destination of WallaWalla they were unanimus in deciding to take her home. Ollie will have a wonderful life with the Warner family as there are experienced in Westie care.

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