Friday, October 25, 2013

Sara get's a trim...

Dear Chris …. How do you like my new cut?  Guess I've lost my show dog look …  sorry.  On Tuesday, I went to the groomer and got freshened up.  I had my ears cleaned and flushed and they are feeling great.  I have house training pretty much down now … no accidents for days!  Doug takes me for a long walk every morning and Jennie takes me to the park for a walk every afternoon after my now early dinner.  I go with Jennie to do errands and find riding in the car relaxing and interesting.  I sleep in my crate in the master bedroom …. going to bed around 10 and getting up when Doug gets up around 8.  I am a good quiet Westie.  I love to play with my new toys … but on occasion I have picked up a clothing item … like a sock or slipper and thought it was a toy …. all those things look kind of alike.  Hope all is well for you in Pasco.  Like I said the other day …. NO sun here.  It has been foggy and cloudy every day since my arrival.  We are suppose to get sun on Sunday …. that would be nice.  Love and smiles to you …. Sweet Sara

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