Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sara's new outerwear and letter to me...

 My new pink raincoat …. perfect for the rainy Seattle weather.
Hanging out on my favorite sofa in my fleece coat.

Hello Chris …. 

How are things going along in Pasco?  All is well here … in my new forever home.  My Mom and Dad went on a trip to be lighthouse keepers in Sequim week before last.  Dogs …. even cute ones like me are not allowed on the spit …. so I spent the week at Paradise Pet Lodge.  Not bad!  I had my own suite with a heated tile floor and a private yard to hang out in.  My report card from my stay was fantastic.  Everyone thought that I was so cute, lovable and sweet.  They did tell my Mom though that I did try and eat my bed ….. big deal.

Now that I live near the big city of Seattle I have become more interested in fashion.  I wanted you to see two of my new clothing items.  My Mom also bought a beautiful sweater for me to wear when the weather gets really cold … or when we go to visit Leavenworth.  I will send a pic of me in that later.

My new vet … Dr. Evergreen .. said that it might be good for me to chew on antler to keep the tarter off from my teeth.  However … I am not a fan of it.  So my Mom tried out some dried, organic beef tendon (not from China) and I just love to chew, chew, chew!!  

Mom reads your blog and knows that you are busy checking out new puppies for the show dog thing.   Please remember …  I was right up there with the best.

Thanksgiving is almost here and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you Chris for finding me the BEST EVER ……. forever home.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the doggies in Pasco.


Sweet Sara 

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