Friday, December 18, 2015

A Wonderful Christmas story ending...

After Alec finished his championship title I placed him with a young couple in the Seattle area, they obviously loved him as you can see here in the first picture below he has a matching suit and was part of there wedding.
 I received a call last week that at 12 years old on a regular trip outside to do his business he ran away as he was scared by a storm... after 4 days of posters, internet postings, calling for him endlessly he was spotted but got away. The next day he was welcomed into the a home with a Westie (of all breeds..) and they called the number on his collar.
 Alec was returned to Chrystal and her husband seen here below and you can imagine he was loved on endlessly!
 Alec is now resting up at home with his new microchip... It was also roomered Al GAINED 2 pounds while out and about during his neighborhood visits... haha
Welcome home Al!

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