Thursday, February 9, 2012

Henri enjoys new food.

Dear Friends and Family,
As you might imagine Bella is jealous of all the special attention and food her little brother is getting. Unfortunately, Bella's primary love currency is food, while Henri's has always been attention--probably because food never made him feel good. Bella's currency is that of most dogs. The last few months has been challenging to find a balance to fit every ones needs. Bella needs to lose a little weight. Henri needs to gain weight. We have been showering Bella with "extra" attention...but it is hard to make up for all that special food she sees Henri getting.
Anyway....the pic tells it all. Henri is so easy Bella couldn't get any closer to his food bowl if she tried. I even saw her little pink tongue shoot out and lick his bowl while he was eating.

PS The Helping Henri Medical Fund support concept should be presented with the next day or so. Please watch for this. We will need a timely response so we can identify those interested in participating. Thank you, Jeannette for all your help!!

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