Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Henri still needs your help....

Hi Folks,

So Dr Herman guestimated $1000/annually for IBD followup care--this is separate from Henri's IMHA followup care and basic healthcare costs. We can handle the IMHA followup care, basic healthcare and a small portion of the IBD costs+Bella's Addison's care..but not everything. I am racking my brain for a novel approach to tackling this...I haven't had much feedback. We must find ongoing support to supplement our current medical expenditures for him. We need a long-term plan. I have had conversations with a few folks--and all the difficult issues have been mentioned--he is not re-homeable and he is not a canditate for Rescue. I respect each of you and your opinions. To date, we have had 2 donations: Michele Hayward for the endoscopy and Chris Larson. Thank you!!!

Henri is doing GREAT! He is responding to treatment. He is eating without nausea meds. Mommy has been cooking him lots of sweet potatoes and turkey. Henri is doing what he needs to be doing. I have some pics to send soon.

FYI Other than providing updates for Henri, I may let Jeannette present any financial support ideas...honestly, I need a break. I am tired of asking for help...this is making me feel badly. I hope, we can come together and find a solution. If the kid continues to respond, it seems like we should go with him.

Thank you.

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