Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ch. White Diamonds Sweet Sara checks in from her new perch...

Hi Chris … Sara here ….

I thought that you might like to see one of my favorite spots to hang out in my forever home.  That's me on Jennie's lounge chair in front of the window.  I just love it when the sun comes in on this spot in the afternoon.  I admit that doesn't happen often here in Seattle … but when it does .. it's glorious.

My health has been perfect.  I keep fit with two nice walks everyday … sometimes more.  I like some of the neighbor dogs even though most of them are much bigger than I am.  

Jennie tells me that you and the dogs are having a better year so far … better than 2013 anyway.  She tells me that a couple of the dogs you have been showing are doing well and earning awards.  Good going!!  You're are a great dog trainer/handler …. I just wish Jennie and Doug would carry around treats in their hands at all times like you used to do.   I miss the show dog glory days .. but as you can see I am dealing with it.  

I am going tomorrow to the dog spa for a lovely bath and groom.  Jennie said that I earned some special treatment for Mother's Day … after all I did give that gambit my best.  

Happy Birthday to you Chris.  I hear that you turned fifty this year.  Wow!  May all your birthday wishes come true.  If Jennie and Doug go to see their friends in Walla Walla soon … we'll try to drop by and say hello … if you are about.

Love and licks to you and the dogs.

Sweet Sara

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