Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Retired Champion Sweet Sara enjoys Roche Harbor and the Fall leaves...

Hi Chris … Happy Fall!

Doug and Jennie helped me celebrate my 5th birthday in August … it was great fun!  In September I went on a trip to San Juan Island where we visited Roche Harbor.  Wow … those big boats are interesting.   I hear that I might get to sail on one next spring with Jennie and her brother.  I’ll be wearing a doggie life vest … no worries. 

In October I went to Paradise Pet Lodge … all on my own … as Jennie and Doug traveled to Walla Walla to an event.  Imagine … no dogs allowed.  

Last weekend we hopped over to Leavenworth to visit Jennie’s son … Mike and his family.  It was sunny, warm and I enjoyed a romp in piles of leaves in the park.  Mike’s family have a lovely small dog named Paisley …. we have fun hanging out together.  I don’t growl at Paisley … but she growls at me if she thinks that I might borrow her chew. 

Hope things are going well for you and all the terriers.  I had no idea that the world was so big and full of fun.  I am having the time of my life … no offense of course … show dog life was a big deal!

Love and licks to you … Sweet Sara

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